Above Window Decorating Ideas

Above Window Decorating Ideas

Above Window Decorating Ideas


Makrana is a large city in the district of Nagaur, with a deposit of 56 million tons of marble and 40,000 workers working in 900 mines in the various ranges of Aravallis. Makrana is the main marble center of Rajasthan.

Is marble affected by sunlight?

Any material, including granite and marble, will fade in the sun if it has not been specifically rated for UV exposure. Here’s a quick look at the science behind UV rays and surface discoloration.

Is marble mandir good for home?

Marble temple or marble mandir are good for home. Vaastu experts recommend marble temples for homes. If budget is not an issue for you, go for white marble to make a temple in your home. It is certainly an expensive material but it looks so elegant, elegant and neat.

Is marble good for pooja bedroom?

Marble as a material exudes a calming serenity and untouched elegance, the very qualities we look for when designing a home’s pooja room.

Which temple is marble?

Ranakpur Temple, a three-story structure built in 1436, stands out from other temples in Rajasthan not for its grandeur, but for its 1,444 luminescent marble pillars, each finely and intricately carved from base to ceiling.

Which mandir is good wood or marble?

Material to use:

Brooches are considered ideal when made of wood. According to Vastu Shastra, a wooden temple is auspicious and considered more religious.

What are the disadvantages of using marble?

Disadvantages of Marble
Marble requires proper care and maintenance.
Italian marble is generally very soft and prone to cracking.
Appropriate sealers should be used on marble floors, as marble is very porous and prone to staining.
Marble is very heavy and it takes a lot of work to lift the stone.

Which stone is best for the pooja chamber?

Granite is very easy to maintain and can be repolished to restore its shine. It’s durable and you won’t have to worry about your pooja room once you build it out of granite! Make a simple granite stone pooja corner and make it the center of attraction in your home.

Is marble good according to Vastu?

* Although white marble floors are considered auspicious, please do not use the material for the temple hall or Ishanya corner of your home. Parquet is recommended for the east, northeast and north of the house.

Does marble absorb energy?

Since it is a natural stone that absorbs and diffuses heat well, marble is the perfect choice for radiant floor heating. This means your floor will stay warm for longer periods of time to keep you comfortable and lower your energy costs.


There are rich deposits of marble in the states of Rajasthan, which explains the huge production of marble in India; other Indian marble producing states include Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. Discover some popular types of marble quarried exclusively in India.


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