according to vastu where the bathroom should be

according to vastu where the bathroom should be

according to vastu where the bathroom should be


The SE direction is also associated with sex and married life, and obstacles in the SE part of the house can cause turmoil in the marriage. A toilet or bathroom or an underground body of water or an opening to the southeast is not advised.

Where is the best location for the bathroom?

The best direction to build a bathroom according to vastu is in the northwest part of the house, because it favors waste disposal. A good quality wooden bathroom door should be your first course of action. A metal door encourages negativity and could have a detrimental effect on your health.

Which direction should the toilet face?

The best toilet seat direction, according to Vastu, is on the southeast or northwest side. It should be in such a way that the person wearing it is not facing east or west. 5. Windows should open to the east, north or west in your bathroom.

In which direction should the bathroom not be?

The bathroom and toilet should face the north or northwest part of your home, according to Vastu. Do not build the bathroom in a south or even south-east or south-west direction, as this is said to have a negative impact on the health of people in the house. 3 days ago

Can the bathroom face south?

According to Vastu, the toilet seat should be located so that the person using it faces north or south. This Vastu position for the toilet seat is said to improve the health of all family members in the house.

Can we have a bathroom in the south?

If there is a possibility of a toilet in the southern direction of your house, try changing it between south and southwest. The construction of baths in the southern direction leads to the loss of fame and renown. The warmth of life may be lost and your eyes continue to bother you.

Can the bathroom and kitchen share the same wall?

The kitchen and bathroom should not share a common wall. The two Vastu faults have a direct relationship with the health of the occupants. The kitchen should never be located in the northeast or north, as this negatively affects the career path. The kitchen should not be in front of the main door of the house.

Can the toilets face east?

The only rule of thumb is to avoid facing east while sitting on the toilet seat. It is best to avoid east being the direction of the rising sun for an oriented toilet seat. Some Vastu gurus say a toilet seat shouldnt face north and others say it shouldnt face south.

Can we have a bathroom in the north?

The lord of the north direction is Kubera and that is why building baths in the north direction of the house is harmful. This causes the base density of man to collapse.

Is the south-east bathroom okay?

According to Vastu Shastra, flush toilets or toilets should be placed in a place where the user can look in any direction except west or east. As a result, the optimal location for a flush toilet is southeast or northwest, facing north or south.


Which plants can be kept in the bathroom according to Vastu? Greenery in the bathroom can absorb negative energy. The silver plant is ideal for a bathroom as it can withstand hot and humid bathroom conditions. You can also have snake plants, ZZ plants, aloe vera, and spider plants in the bathroom.


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