An alligator working as emotional support pet

An alligator working as emotional support pet

An alligator working as emotional support pet

In the past few years, families have become more open to having emotional support animals. Most of the time, dogs are accepted as support animals, but cats, bunnies, horses, and other pets are sometimes accepted as well. Joie Henney’s alligator, on the other hand, may be one of the strangest emotional support animals ever.

Wally, the alligator, also goes by the name WallyGator. One of Joey’s friends took him in after he was found in the wild. Joie loves reptiles so much that he has a whole room in his house for them. A few years ago, when he first heard about the gator, he thought Wally would be perfect for his family. Joie was depressed at the time, so she went looking for help. In a short documentary, oie said, “In two weeks, I lost three family members and four close friends.” I was very affected by depression. When I needed it most, my friend who saves alligators was just what I needed.

Alligators may not seem like the most affectionate or cuddly animals, but Joie says that Wally likes to be held, kissed, and hugged. They even watch TV on the couch together. Wally is about 60 pounds and about five feet tall. Even though he is small, his teeth are so sharp that they can scare people who don’t know him. Most people are afraid to get close to an alligator, but Wally is different from most alligators. Wally was with Joie the whole time he was being treated for cancer. He even went with him to his radiation treatments. Joie has set up a GoFundMe page to help raise money so that she can continue taking care of Wally and his other dogs while she fights cancer.

Can you be happier if you have pets?

Animals, especially ones we don’t own, can make us feel better, as anyone who has been to Alligator Attraction or has a pet knows. The oxytocin hormone is made by the body when a person is with a friendly animal. The chemical that makes us feel nice is called oxytocin. It shows up when we eat chocolate or when we are in love and spend time with our partner. Also, oxytocin helps people trust each other and strengthens emotional bonds.

It makes sense that pets could help our loved ones release the same hormone that makes us feel good. That’s probably one reason why people have such close relationships with their dogs Spending time with animals has more benefits than just making you feel good and making the love hormone come out. Oxytocin does a lot more than just make us feel happy when it is released. it can:

  • Cut down on blood pressure
  • Anxiety can be lessened by slowing down your heart rate and how fast you breathe.
  • Reduce how much of the stress hormone cortisol your body makes. This stress hormone could mess up our endocrine system, make us feel overwhelmed, and even make it hard for us to sleep or burn calories. Stopping the production of cortisol is good for our bodies in the long run.
  • Cortisol can make it harder for cells to grow and heal, which is the opposite of what we want.

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