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What is the purpose of Apex?

The object of the game is to be the last one alive. Not to kill everyone. Never forget this golden rule, and only engage an enemy if you are absolutely certain that you can eliminate them.

How to be good at Apex?

Be careful around the ring! You have to avoid getting trapped in a building or behind a wall. You can have the strongest team and the coolest weapons, but all the enemy needs to secure victory is one player on the right side. Ring ©!

Why Play Apex?

Apex Legends is, by its battle royale nature, an online game. It’s enjoyable because of the competitive play with over 60 other players. This means there is some pressure to play at some point when friends are online.

How does Apex work?

60 players compete in teams of three (the only game mode available for the moment) on an island. They must recover weapons on the spot to defend themselves and be the last survivors. The player must choose between 8 characters at the start of the game, each with their own abilities.

Who is the best Apex character?


Wraith. Always elusive, Wraith remains at the top of the rankings despite the nerves. If she is no longer the indisputable best legend of Apex, Wraith remains the queen of movement and stealth and will always reward players who master her unique kit.

What age to play Apex?

16 years old

The game must be restricted to players aged 16 and over (PEGI 16).

What weapon to play on Apex?










How to choose your Apex FOV?

Basically, the FOV amount is 70 on Apex Legends.

Comment améliorer son shoot sur Apex ?

Une source externe que vous pouvez utiliser pour améliorer votre visée dans Apex est le 3D Aim Trainer. En utilisant ce site Web, vous pouvez sélectionner votre légende, votre arme et votre lunette préférées pour simuler la réalité avec un choix de modes de survie Zombie 1v1 ou coopératif.

Quel est le meilleur jeu entre fortnite et Apex Legends ?

Dans Fortnite, les pièces jointes sont déjà présentes sur l’arme et la personnalisation est beaucoup moins poussée. Les armes de Fortnite sont également très génériques, comme les fusils et les pistolets. Apex Legends propose des armes beaucoup plus uniques et intéressantes à utiliser sur le champ de bataille.


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