Bored man walks in circles on the snow

Bored man walks in circles on the snow

Bored man walks in circles on the snow

Snow days are what kids dream about. Most kids would be happy to have a whole day off school to play in the snow. On the other hand, parents don’t always enjoy snow days. Parents often have to work or do things around the house. We love getting kids outside, but we also know that there are times when they need to play or do activities inside because they can’t go outside. Today, we have more than 60 activities that kids can do indoors or outdoors without a screen. This huge list of things to do will keep you busy on a snow day and give your kids a lot of interesting, creative, and independent ways to play that don’t involve screens.

Activities for kids to do inside on a snow day

On any snow day, it shouldn’t be a surprise that we want your kids to go outside and play in the snow. The whole point of this website is to get kids out of front of screens and into the real world. But as parents, we know it’s not always possible for kids to spend the whole day outside. So, we want to give you ideas for fun things to do with your kids during a snow day that don’t involve screens. We hope that these ideas for things to do on a snow day will help you use your imagination the next time it snows, so you can answer any “I’m bored” comments.

One bar of hot chocolate

On a cold snow day, wouldn’t hot chocolate be the best thing to drink? A cup of hot chocolate will warm you up from head to toe after a day of playing outside. Set up a place where kids can make their own creative hot chocolate. Fill it with marshmallows, old candy canes, whipped cream, sprinkles, chocolate chips, cinnamon, or anything else you can find in the pantry!

Make a course with Challenges

On a snow day, set up an obstacle course for the kids to play on inside. They will be challenged and have a lot of fun with an obstacle course around the house or in the basement. It will also keep them active and test their creativity. We like to set up obstacle courses in our basement. At each station, you have to do something before you can move on to the next. We use toys, furniture, pillows, blankets, and cushions, as well as anything else we can find. The kids have to climb over, around, and through the things in their way. Some of the things to do are jump rope, shoot a basket, do a handstand or somersault, do jumping jacks or pushups, and spin around five times.

The third one is snow ice cream.

Snow ice cream is a must-have for a snow day. With just a few simple things, you can turn ordinary snow into something amazing. Snow ice cream is one of our guests’ favourites, and it’s easy to make. To make a snowball, all you have to do is mix milk with newly fallen snow .

 Look for treasure

Treasure hunts are a fun and active way to keep kids busy, and they are always a lot of fun. We like to pick one thing and hide it around the house in different places, then dare them to find it. My kids could spend hours playing this game. 

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