Bathroom Flooring

Bathroom Flooring

Modern White Floor Tile

Introduction Shower and tub The focal point of any bathroom is the shower and/or tub, so it’s no surprise that remodeling them offers the highest return on investment. If you’re remodeling your master bathroom, replacing your tub with a large walk-in shower can increase the value of your home. How can I make my bathroom […]

Small Bathroom Floor Ideas 2021

Introduction Bathroom Flooring Ideas on a Budget: Floor Paint. One of the cheapest and easiest DIY options is floor paint which can be used on tile, hardwood, laminate, etc. Peel and stick vinyl tiles. Luxury vinyl plank tile. Waterproof laminate flooring. Ceramic and porcelain tiles. Is it better to use small or large tiles in […]

Room Decorating Wallpaper

Introduction The 8 Best Paint Colors for Bedrooms (2022) Benjamin Moore White Dove. Sherwin Williams White Origami. Behr Light French Grey. by Sherwin-Williams. White Linen By Benjamin Moore. Behr Paints gateway. Farrow & Ball all white. olive branch PPG. Does wallpaper make a room look bigger or smaller? While small patterns tend to make a […]

Two Vanity Bathroom Ideas

Introduction A double sink vanity has two sinks. Each sink will need its own drain. But two sinks dont need their own p-traps. It is common practice for them to share one trap. What should I put between two vanities? Either way, the dual setup typically allows for some creativity when it comes to how […]

Latest Bathroom Trends 2021

Introduction Bright, white colors are always timeless. You can use a hint of ivory or even an eggshell white, but using whites will keep your bathroom relevant. Trendy or bold colors will go out of style quickly. If you do want splashes of color, use your decor and accent pieces to bring in that design […]

Bathroom Tile Trends 2022

Introduction Subway tile Subway tile is the most traditional and popular tile pattern, and it typically comes in a rectangular shape of all degrees and colors. What are the 2022 bathroom trends? These 2022 Bathroom Trends Work with Every Decorating Style Updated Sinks and Touchless Faucets. . Organic Style. . Multipurpose Storage. . Modern Influences. […]

How To Remove Ink From Painted Walls

Introduction Toothpaste is also a great alternative when it comes to removing ink stains from white clothes or coloured ones. Take sufficient amount of toothpaste and place on the stained area. Rub the area gently until the stain fades away. You may repeat a few more times if the stain is tougher. How do you […]

Orange Wall Color Combination

Introduction Red and orange seem to be the big winners when it comes to bright colors. These colors tend to stand out and are therefore used in many warning signs or safety equipment. Yellow is another color that ranks just behind red and orange in popularity. What colors go with orange walls? Working as an […]

Bathroom Tile Trends 2021

Introduction Subway Tile Subway tile is the most traditional and popular tile pattern, and usually comes in a rectangular shape in all grades and colors. What is the trendiest mosaic look in 2021? Biophilia. Biophilia incorporates the wood look trend, creating a strong indoor-outdoor environment. . Spa-Style. Nature-inspired tones and textures designed to evoke sand, […]

Modern Blue Bathroom

Introduction Here are some bright color combinations with blue to help you use this versatile color for your home design. Dark blue and mustard yellow. . Dark blue and intense pink. . Cobalt Blue and Calendula. . Ultramarine Blue and Chocolate Brown. . sky blue and pale peach. . Navy Blue and Bronze. . Blue […]