Interior Lightings

Interior Lightings

Ideas For Foyer Lighting

Introduction 03 May Do dark colors make a room look smaller? Now we are going to debunk a myth about dark wall colors. It is a mistake to think that dark walls make a room look smaller. Dark wall colors don’t make a room look small, just like a light color won’t make a room […]

Light Blue Living Rooms

Introduction A round dining table makes better use of space in a smaller area, so there’s less bumping or clutter when trying to sit down. Round tables also take up less space than rectangular tables of the same size and are well designed to accommodate more people around the table for additional seating. When should […]

Romantic Ceiling Lights

Introduction ways to decorate the corners of your home Add extra seating. Insert a lamp. Create storage. Place plants. Set up a home office. Design a meditation area. Create a feature wall. Install a corner window. How do you design a landing zone? Be sure not to use a console that is too wide for […]

Lighting In Interior Design

Introduction 5 lighting techniques to improve your photography Split Lighting. Rembrandt Lighting. Butterfly Lighting. Loop Lighting. Flat Lighting. What are the three purposes of enlightenment? Stage lighting involves manipulation of the four main controllable qualities of light; Intensity, color, direction and movement; to influence the four functions of stage lighting listed below. How important is […]

Modern Traditional Dining Room Lighting

Introduction Modern Classic aka Modern Traditional is the perfect blend of Modern + Traditional… aka Timeless! This style features the sleek, clean and contemporary lines of the modern design style combined with traditional furniture, finishes and accessories to take what was then and do it now. What type of lighting is best for a dining […]

Dining Room Lighting Ideas

Introduction Ceramic and porcelain tiles Classic and reliable ceramic tile is the best choice for your small bathroom. It is easy to install and waterproof. Choosing larger tiles can make your bathroom less cramped and create the illusion of a larger bathroom. What color goes with the gray bathroom floor? As gray is a neutral […]

Interior Cabinet Lighting Ideas

Introduction I took the led wire, inserted the wires into the corresponding terminals and screwed them laterMore How to light the inside of kitchen cabinets? Interior Kitchen Cabinet Lighting The best interior cabinet lighting solution is to install Light Channel Millwork at the bottom of each shelf, a few inches from the front of the […]

staircase lighting ideas

Introduction A pendant on the ceiling is a good starting point. It will provide general backlighting for the foyer and illuminate the foot of the stairs, giving the space a focal point. A single large pendant will work in a spacious square-shaped hallway. Or try two smaller pendants if the space is long and narrow. […]

Small Kitchen Living Room Combo

Introduction Efficiency is the primary determiner when decorating small kitchen living room combos and all sorts of small interiors as well. What we mean by efficiency is to go for multi-functional pieces in the decor. For example, if the space is too narrow for a dining room table, you can use the kitchen island as […]

Modern Gray Kitchen Ideas

Introduction There are endless options for incorporating gray into your kitchen. Use gray tiles to create a beautiful backsplash, add sleek gray floors for a polished finish, or install gray cabinets to completely update the look of your space. Gray tones create unity and harmony in your space by balancing out the stainless steel or […]