Accent Lighting

Accent Lighting

Ideas For Foyer Lighting

Introduction 03 May Do dark colors make a room look smaller? Now we are going to debunk a myth about dark wall colors. It is a mistake to think that dark walls make a room look smaller. Dark wall colors don’t make a room look small, just like a light color won’t make a room […]

Romantic Ceiling Lights

Introduction ways to decorate the corners of your home Add extra seating. Insert a lamp. Create storage. Place plants. Set up a home office. Design a meditation area. Create a feature wall. Install a corner window. How do you design a landing zone? Be sure not to use a console that is too wide for […]

Lighting In Interior Design

Introduction 5 lighting techniques to improve your photography Split Lighting. Rembrandt Lighting. Butterfly Lighting. Loop Lighting. Flat Lighting. What are the three purposes of enlightenment? Stage lighting involves manipulation of the four main controllable qualities of light; Intensity, color, direction and movement; to influence the four functions of stage lighting listed below. How important is […]

Modern Traditional Dining Room Lighting

Introduction Modern Classic aka Modern Traditional is the perfect blend of Modern + Traditional… aka Timeless! This style features the sleek, clean and contemporary lines of the modern design style combined with traditional furniture, finishes and accessories to take what was then and do it now. What type of lighting is best for a dining […]

Modern Grill Design For Balcony

Introduction Brick walls are versatile and offer a natural charm to your home. They can be accessorized or left as is, depending on your design preferences. This type of modern balcony grill design works best with open-concept balconies. It might not be as practical in compact homes. Read this full balcony grill design catalog to […]

Minimalist Apartment Style

Introduction To turn your home in a creepy, deserted house: Decorate windows with artificial spiders and cobwebs. Apply broken-glass stickers to windows. Darken the porch lights with black lights or yellow bulbs. Temporarily hang the porch swing crookedly. Prop scraps of wood across windows for a boarded-up effect. . How can I decorate my house […]

Ganpati Eyes

Introduction Ganeshas small eyes symbolize being focused and concentrating on a particular goal. Does Ganpati have 3 eyes? The local priests explained that the third eye of Ganesh represents intellect. An Idol of Shri Vishnu lies in front of Shri Ganesh. Liveliness and presence of savor and destroyer spiritual emotions can be perceived in the […]

Best Lighting For Stairs

Introduction Linear Step Lights. The revolutionary aspect of LED technology is key to many new stair-lighting techniques such as linear step lights. . Treadlights. . Illuminated Handrails. . Up-Down Lights. . Backlighting. . Hidden Lights. . Step Lights. . Illuminated Newels. How do you light indoor stairs? Wall lighting Recessed and mounted spots are popular […]

Stair Lighting Ideas

Introduction Interior wooden stairs First, sweep or vacuum dust and debris from wooden stairs, starting at the top of the stairs and working your way to the bottom steps. Then apply a mild soap solution for wood cleaning, such as Murphys Oil Soap or Orange Glo. How do you light the stairs? Create overhead light […]

Soft Bedroom Lighting

Introduction Bedside task lamps, clamp lamps and wall sconces provide soft light ideal for reading or relaxing. Ceiling lights create a focal point above the bed and serve a practical function, or can be used to create a modern design element when suspended above the two bedside tables. Finally, dont forget warm white bulbs and […]