Checking on the greenhouse

Checking on the greenhouse

Checking on the greenhouse

Greenhouse, a software company that helps people find jobs, is a little bit crazy about hiring. After all, it’s what their business is built on. On the other hand, being obsessed does not mean being perfect. One of the problems they had to deal with was hiring technical staff. Here’s how they directly dealt with the problem.

Care for Plants Today

Gary Antosh’s website, Plant Care Today, is all about getting started today and is full of ideas for growing things. We love his great A-Z guide to indoor plants, so it’s no surprise that Plant Care Today has been successful for nearly ten years. Plant Care Today is all about taking care of plants, and it has helpful sections on things like pests, which can be a real problem when growing plants in a small greenhouse. Plant Care Today had to be on our list because of their huge archive and helpful blogs like “What Plants Benefit from Coffee Grounds.”

Growing family

In the first place, Catherine Hughes’s Growing Family blog is gorgeous! It’s light and airy, but the great things you can find there more than make up for it. Growing Family calls itself the “best UK home and garden blog,” and we agree. It has everything, from tips on interior design to craft projects. But we love Catherine’s great ideas and advice on things like teaching your kids how to garden and her monthly guides to growing plants. They let you decide whether to hire someone based on how skilled they are. By combining TestGorilla and Greenhouse ATS, you can test candidates’ skills early on in the hiring process. Also, you can get rid of candidates who aren’t right by interviewing them and testing their knowledge and skills. Because of this, the next steps take a lot less time. 

Get rid of bias in the way you hire.

Data-driven recruitment will help you make better hiring decisions because you will be able to compare and evaluate candidates’ skills instead of just going with your gut. When you think about it, your intuition and gut instincts are just signs of your unconscious similarity biases, and they have no place in the hiring process. Even if you don’t know it, interviewer bias still has a big impact on who gets hired. It can look like similarity bias, cultural bias, confirmation bias, and many other things. All of them are just as annoying.

They help you make sure you don’t hire people in a dishonest way.

Both ways make the hiring process more organised, so you can avoid unfair or illegal hiring practises like discrimination or choosing candidates based only on their resume or political views. Unfair hiring practices can hurt your ability to compete and your overall performance, and many businesses continue to worry about them. Not to mention that they hurt the brand and reputation of the company you work for.

They work no matter how big or small your business is.

Anyone can use TestGorilla and Greenhouse ATS together, no matter how big their business is or how fast it grows. Both software programmes can be scaled up or down to fit any business, from a small startup to a huge global company. Both systems can be changed to work better during quieter times or grown to meet your needs.


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