Curtain Patterns For Bedrooms

Curtain Patterns For Bedrooms

Curtain Patterns For Bedrooms


Standard curtains come in three lengths: 84 inches, 96 inches, or 108 inches, but experts say you should go longer instead of shorter.

Which curtains are in fashion in 2022?

In keeping with a more minimalist approach to curtains, 2022 curtains tend towards cleaner, earthier colors. Instead of multi-colored or patterned curtains, choose curtains in neutral colors like cream, white or slate gray. You might also want to go even more natural with olive, forest green, or deep blue.

What curtains look great in a bedroom?

What style of curtain is best for bedrooms? Heavier lined curtains that will minimize light leakage will be the most natural choice for a bedroom. That’s not to say you can’t opt for a light linen shade, just keep in mind that you should probably consider investing in a shade to hang underneath.

Are plain or patterned curtains better?

While patterned curtains are great, there are also benefits to keeping them plain and simple with your window moldings. A plain curtain will be timeless, it won’t go out of style, and you’re unlikely to fall in love with it the way you would with an eclectic pattern.

How to decorate my bedroom with curtains?

Choose a curtain head that suits your style. (Image credit: Paul Raeside) .
Go long. (Image credit: Murphy Deesign) .
Bring the design to a simple outline. .
Sleep well with a blackout liner. .
Go green with bedding. .
Make curtains one of many color accents. .
Combine your curtains with a blind. .
Add a luxurious lining.

What are the bedroom trends of 2022?

According to a new report, the top 6 bedroom design trends for 2022
Design for comfort.
Sustainable bedding.
Bold colors for bedrooms.
Striking patterns.
Splurge on quality.
Focus on the rooms.

What is the most popular window covering in 2022?

Without a doubt, roller blinds continue to be predicted as the top window covering trend in 2022, largely due to their minimalist style. Roller shades are also available in a variety of colors, textures, and earth-toned material options, making them an ideal choice for the trending naturist color palette.

Should the curtains be lighter or darker than the walls?

What is the best color for curtains? The best color for curtains is at least one shade lighter or darker than walls of the same shade. For example, dark colored curtains in rich, deep tones look great against light colored walls painted in warm white, cream, light gray or light brown.

Should the curtains touch the floor or be raised?

So, should the curtains touch the floor? The short answer is yes. usually. But when making a decision about your window treatments, whether blinds, shades or shades, it’s important to consider all aspects of style and function so you can choose the best one. option for your windows and your home.

What shouldn’t be in your bedroom?

Disorder. Another thing you should never have in your bedroom is clutter. The clutter collides directly with what should be a serene and relaxing environment where you’re meant to recharge your batteries. Just as pets can interfere with your sleep efficiency and quality, so can clutter.


Yes, using curtains that are longer than your windows will help your small window appear larger. The length of the curtain depends on the aspect ratio. A window that is longer than it is wide can benefit from longer curtains which make the window feel bigger.


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