Curtains Matching Grey Walls

Curtains Matching Grey Walls

Curtains Matching Grey Walls


If you’re looking for colors to match your gray walls, try blue, pink, yellow, beige or green. These colors will offer a nice contrast to your walls, depending on the atmosphere you want to give to the room.

What is the color of the curtains with gray walls?

Pair a warm gray with warm colored curtains and warm accents, and pair cool grays with cool colors like blue and navy. Classic white curtains can create a cool, airy feel with warm or cool gray walls.

What colors go with gray walls?

Take a look at our most popular color combinations to find the perfect combination for your space.
Red and grey. .
Mustard and Grey. .
Green and Grey. .
Turquoise blue and grey. .
Pink and gray blush. .
Blue and Grey.

What color do the curtains go with the gray walls and carpets?

White Curtains

For those, pairing neutral colored curtains with gray carpeting works well, creating a stunning, clean aesthetic that can make a room look light and airy. Sheer white panels can further accentuate this airy look, adding a whimsical element to the room.

What is the color of the curtains to match the dark gray walls of the bedroom?

For a gray bedroom, crisp white bedding paired with crisp white curtains is a classic look that never goes out of style. We recommend using a gray with a warm base so the room doesn’t feel too cold. Pair it with a natural drapery fabric, like linen, to add texture and keep the room soft and inviting.

What color is complementary to GRAY?

Combine it with white, pink or soft blue and you will inspire a soothing essence. Combine it with vibrant reds and yellows and you will immediately feel its energizing effects. No matter what you do with gray, you can be sure it will blend in with almost any style or decor.

What color goes perfectly with GRAY?

White is one of the most popular colors to combine with gray and can be adapted to any room and any style. You can pair a barely there gray with a crisp white to create a light and airy space or contrast the white with a dark dark charcoal.

How to warm a GRAY room?

easy ways to warm up your gray bedroom using the latest trends
1) Add natural wood elements. Wicker, jute and rattan are all the rage right now. .
2) Lighting in warm tones. .
3) Bring the green plants! .
4) Use highly textured finishes. .
5) Colors to use with gray. .
6) Metallic finishes.

Do the navy blue curtains match the gray walls?

One of the best color shades for gray walls is navy blue. The deep, rich color really pops when combined with gray, but without darkening the room. Navy blue curtains will look especially good in a room with camel brown furniture, white or cream accents and a few other accents in warm tones.

What colors go well with gray in a living room?

Think classic white, rich dark navy, and other muted shades of gray or green. Colors with a cool undertone (blues and other grays) will complement gray well, while colors with a warm undertone (terracotta or burgundy) will contrast the tone and add a touch of warmth to the space.


What is the best color for curtains? The best color for curtains is at least one shade lighter or darker than walls of the same shade. For example, dark colored curtains in rich, deep tones look great against light colored walls painted in warm white, cream, light gray or light brown.


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