Entire Starbucks Team Walks Out

Entire Starbucks Team Walks Out

Entire Starbucks Team Walks Out

NT News says that the staff at a Starbucks in Buffalo, New York, left in the middle of their shift because one of their coworkers had been fired. The workers think that their coworker was fired for no good reason. A TikTok video of the walkout quickly went viral after it was posted. Sam Amato is the name of the fired worker. During the week of his 13th anniversary with the company, he was asked to quit. Amato thinks that the reason he was fired was because he was a union leader. Even though the manager told him otherwise, he thinks he was fired because he helped his team form a union.

In the TikTok video, you can see nine Starbucks employees leaving the front of the store. After the workers walk out, a woman on the phone who sounds like the store manager can be heard. The title of the video says, “Manager says she was wrong.” In a previous video, Amato said that two store managers told him he was being fired because he “changed operations and closed the lobby” without first getting his “store manager’s permission.” In the video, he says, “It’s a BS reason.” I am the president of a workers’ union, which is why. They didn’t tell me anything or give me any specifics. They told people things that were not true. Even after 13 years, they still wouldn’t tell me why I was fired.

In the comments sections of the videos, TikTok users thanked the employees for their hard work and offered their support. A TikToker said, “Starbucks really is hell-bent on trashing their name, isn’t it?” “Good job, you two,” someone else said. Come together as one. “Keep moving forward.” Others, on the other hand, said they would stop buying drinks at Starbucks to show support for those who had been fired. “Starbucks, I am a loyal customer,” said one person. But trust me when I say that things can change in a hurry.

Since the end of last year, Workers United has been trying to get Starbucks workers all over the country to join their group. As of the middle of June this year, about 143 businesses were unionised and another 120 were trying to get union elections. According to the union, Starbucks has slowly cut workers’ hours in an effort to get long-term workers to retire so that non-unionized workers can take their place. In a statement, they said that Starbucks was also firing union officials based on rules and policies that didn’t exist and wouldn’t have led to firing.

We’ve all dreamed up different ways to quit our jobs. If you really love what you do for a living, that comment might not apply to you. Then again, maybe he had a different job before. Everyone who has had to deal with bad bosses wishes they could take off their uniform and give them the finger. We can’t just do that, though. You have to be okay with not getting a severance package and going without a good reference for a while. I admire capitalism. We don’t usually dream about getting fired as a way to leave our jobs. Even with the payoff, it’s one of the most embarrassing ways to quit a job. 


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