Grey Painted Interior Doors

Grey Painted Interior Doors

Grey Painted Interior Doors


White has always been standard for interior doors, painted to match the trim in most cases, but there’s something fun about painting interior doors a different color.

Can interior doors be painted grey?

HOWEVER, if you have a great color, perhaps a gorgeous gray, and want to make a real impact, you can paint the interior door, architrave and plinth that color. Just make sure you like it and it fits the room.

Are gray interior doors beautiful?

Gray is not only a favorite color for interior doors, it is also a very popular choice for exterior doors. Most of the time, our customers paint the doors of our Extreme External range, their favorite color; different shades of gray are undoubtedly the current best options.

What is the most popular color for interior doors?

White doors and oak doors remain the two most popular interior door colors among homeowners, and not without reason. White interior doors provide a clean, fresh, and modern aesthetic, while the natural look of oak wood can give a room a warm, premium feel.

Is the gray interior outdated?

Will gray paint go out of style in 2022? I’m probably going to get a lot of flak for this, but yeah, the gray paint colors we see everywhere are just one of those decorating trends that are about to die out.

What does a gray door mean?

Gray door. You have probably negotiated a gray door, either in your mind or with your partner. You are ready to compromise, but you are smart and sophisticated, following the latest trends. Your house will probably be very elegant, perhaps minimalist, since you like it that way.

Why do interior designers use grey?

Gray is an ideal color for people who like elegant style. This color brings comfort and softness to any type of interior decoration. Along with black and white, gray is a neutral color that blends perfectly with any other hue. It’s no wonder interior and exterior paint palettes always incorporate different shades of gray.

What is the latest trend in interior doors?

Top 2022 interior door styles
Glass doors. Another way to bring light into your home is to opt for glass doors. .
Industrial metal doors. .
Rustic wooden doors. .
Classic hinged doors. .
Mexican and Belizean doors. .
White. .

Should the doors be darker or lighter than the walls?

It is not considered necessary for your interior doors to be painted the same color as the walls. In fact, using a perfect match is often considered too redundant. However, interior doors should coordinate with each room and the overall style of the home.

Should interior doors be matte or glossy?

Interior doors wear out more than any other surface in your home. As such, the sequins you choose should last for years and not show. Semi-gloss is the best paint finish for interior doors and trim.


Zillow® research reveals that homes with slate blue or black front doors attract newer and potential buyers and could sell for a higher price. Conversely, pale pink and cement gray front doors could have a negative impact on the value of a home.


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