Grey White Kitchen Ideas

Grey White Kitchen Ideas

Grey White Kitchen Ideas


Due to their rough surface, tiles with a matte finish offer better friction than glossy tiles, making them slip-resistant. This non-slip feature makes these tiles the best choice for wet areas like the bathroom and the balcony.

What is the most modern flooring in homes today?

Gray Flooring

Gray has quickly become the hottest trend, not only for flooring, but also for kitchens and homes in general. Designers have also started mixing gray with other neutrals like beige, creating popular gray tones that go with any style.

Are white tiles outdated?

Traditional white tiles

Glossy white tiles are very trendy in the home, and the marble-look tile trend will be huge in 2022, especially in kitchens, bathrooms and commercial spaces. White tiles instantly make your room look bigger, especially if you use large format tiles.

What tiles are in vogue at the moment?

Geometric shapes

Another growing trend in 2022 is mosaics with geometric shapes. From triangles and parallelograms to diamonds and hexagons, take a break from classic square and rectangular tile options to add more variety to your home decor.

Are white tiles a good idea?

Yes, white tiles for the interior of your home are a great way to give the illusion of space. White tiles reflect light and add an airy and elegant feel to your room. If you think white tiles are boring and dull, think again.

What is the best tile color for a floor?

Colors like beige, cream, whites, and light shades of gray and blue are great choices. For bathrooms, you should consider creating an airy and open feel. To do this, choose a floor covering in neutral colors in light tones.

Which floor is in fashion in 2022?

Finally, vinyl and hardwood flooring are apparently the top contenders for the top flooring trends of 2022, but that doesn’t mean carpet flooring won’t make an appearance. Area rugs, carpet tiles and frieze rugs are sure to be some of the hottest styles this year.

What is the color of the tiles for 2022?

Jewel tones that can be found in nature, including amber, brick, emerald and aquamarine hues, are popular palettes for tiles in 2022. Leafy greens and rich clay colors enliven us outdoors.

What tile size is there for 2022?

Classic 2×2, 4×4, or 6×6 square tiles, often with contrasting grout, are all the rage right now because of this design’s ability to feel both nostalgic and contemporary.

Which tile never goes out of style?

“Marble, or an imitation of marble, like marble-look quartz, will never go out of style,” says Winn.


1) Light and dark floors

Choosing a lighter colored floor to complement your furniture can increase the perceived size of any room and open up the space. Think cream-colored carpets, tiles in natural, neutral tones, and whitewashed hardwood floors.


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