how this course will help you achieve your goals

how this course will help you achieve your goals

how this course will help you achieve your goals

For most of us, the danger is not in aiming too high and missing the target, but in aiming too low and hitting it. (Michelangelo)

She inspires me a lot and I even put her in my professional email signature.

All of us, whatever our situation, our means, our ambitions, we ask ourselves the question: “How to achieve my goals?”

Unfortunately, it is (very) often difficult to go all the way.

In this article, I therefore provide you with some proven secrets and strategies if you want to better learn how to set motivating goals and, above all, to achieve them!

After December 31, we make resolutions and hope that the new year will allow us to renovate, to improve what we do not like in our life.

But did you know that over 95% of people don’t follow their resolutions?

If you are one of those who abandon their resolutions and goals, read the following carefully, so that you do not have to repeat the same good intentions over and over again… without ever realizing succeed.

But first, if you want to laugh at me a bit, here is an interview I did on the subject a few years ago:

When you travel, has it ever crossed your mind not to decide where you were going, or which route you would take?

Yet this is what you do each time you give yourself a goal to achieve but you do not clearly determine the means you will take to succeed.

Are all the plans to achieve your goals equal before the starry sky?

No way. There are good ones and bad ones.

Oscar Wilde said that good intentions are like bad checks.

The fact is that we often set ourselves goals without really knowing how we intend to achieve them.

Little time passes then before forgetting them and resuming our daily routine…

How do we usually know if we got a result?

We compare the previous situation with the current situation and measure the difference.

When do you usually check if you are achieving your goals during the process? Never?

If we don’t follow a plan and only give ourselves good intentions, it is absolutely certain that we will forget and nothing will happen.

When we remember, often months later, that we were chasing a goal, we find with dismay that we failed.

That’s when the self-deprecation process kicks in and feeds the cognitive distortions: “I’m good for nothing!”, “I’m not even damned good at following the goals that I give myself!”, etc.

We then doubt ourselves, we no longer trust ourselves, we no longer believe in our ability to succeed.

Repeat this process a number of times, and exit the self-confidence!

Then we diminish (or we simply eradicate) our goals, we abdicate, we stop dreaming and we get depressed…

IT IS THEREFORE ESSENTIAL to equip yourself with an action plan and above all not to forget your objective by checking as often as possible if you are moving in the right direction.

Perfect, you know how to set goals and have a plan.

You even know the characteristics of the actions that will help you apply it.

Now comes the time to take action. This is unfortunately where the breakdown often occurs.

We have other things to do, we don’t feel like it, we don’t have the time, in short, we taste the pleasure of procrastination…

Whether your goals are super exciting or, on the contrary, demanding and uninviting, the way you formulate them will greatly influence your level of motivation.

A useful but insipid goal can become more motivating to achieve than a more exciting goal if you see it in a way that sparks your motivation.

I no longer count the useful platitudes that I have successfully completed because I believed in their usefulness, in what they were going to bring me. It is more or less about associating a vision with its goals.

Imagine that your only goal in life is to pay your bills every month.

You may not want to get up in the morning so much…

Isn’t a goal a dream to which we add a plan and a timetable?

Take on a goal you care about but have difficulty achieving, like getting in shape.


how this course will help you achieve your goals

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La Marseillaise is the national anthem of France. This song, from the French Revolution, was adopted by the Convention on July 14, 1795 until the Empire of 1804, then in 1879 under the 3rd Republic.

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Number 1 – Russia

The music, written by Aleksandr Aleksandrov, was first composed for the anthem of the Soviet Union and then revived in 2000 by President Vladimir Putin as official anthem of Russia.

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Ode to Joy

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It was first adopted as an anthem by the Council of Europe in 1972, before becoming a symbol of the European Union in 1985. The anthem, taken from the ninth symphony by Ludwig von Beethoven and repeated without words, symbolizes the ideals of freedom, peace and solidarity embodied by Europe.

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Great Britain does not officially have a national anthem.

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Why La Marcha Real (Spanish anthem) is wordless: explained. Recently, singer Marta Sánchez offered lyrics to accompany the national anthem. La Marcha Real has remained silent for 250 years, a subject that has agitated public opinion several times in history.

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