how to add test results to navigation

how to add test results to navigation

how to add test results to navigation

If you did a rapid test, it is important to report the result.

You must complete the declaration form for each rapid test carried out, whether the result is positive or negative. Invalid results should not be reported.

If you obtained a positive result in a rapid test, and that, following this rapid test, you obtained a positive result in a NAAT test (or PCR in English), you must declare the result of your rapid test on the result declaration platform.

Click on the following button to access the declaration platform:

Once in the platform, you will be asked to provide certain credentials, among others:

In order to confirm your identity and protect your personal information, you will also be asked to select the email address or mobile phone number provided at the time of vaccination to receive the download link.

For support in reporting a rapid test result, contact Services Qu├ębec at 1 877 644-4545

In a context where tests in screening centers are now reserved for certain priority groups and where the number of known cases is therefore underestimated, declaring a result of quick test will help:

The declaration of the result of the rapid test is only used for statistical purposes of monitoring the use of these tests. The results you report will not be recorded in your proof of vaccination. They will not change the protection status of your vaccination passport. Therefore, if you declare a positive result, your vaccination status will not be modified.

For more information on vaccination against COVID-19, see the Vaccination against COVID-19 section.

The information contained on the site in no way replaces the advice of a professional health resource. If you have questions about your state of health, consult a professional resource.


how to add test results to navigation


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