how to reverse a video on iphone

how to reverse a video on iphone

how to reverse a video on iphone

Reversing a video in iMovie doesn’t take many steps. Despite being a simple program iMovie will allow you to play your videos in reverse for free. In this article we will show you how to rewind your videos with iMovie.

I will start by showing you this video where you can see how to reverse your video in iMovie quickly

1. Launch iMovie on your Macintosh and let it automatically find videos from the project browser. If you need you can also drag the text or video files you want to reverse into the search panel to get started.

2. Click on the video you are interested in flipping and leave the inspector window open. This window will open automatically for any video you double-click in the search pane.

3. Select the invert option in the inspector window box and let the conversion take place. If you want you can also watch the original video again to check all the changes that have been made with this conversion.

This is all that flipping videos in iMovie will do so don’t be afraid to flip any of your video to get those effects you’re looking for in your images or to enhance them. It is important that you keep in mind that the inversion of the video will not affect its duration. If you need to adjust this you can change the playback speed percentage to increase or shorten the length of the video.

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Wondershare Filmora Video Editor is one of the programs similar to iMovie that I recommend to edit your videos because it is very easy to learn to use and has a wide variety of elements that allow you to create very original videos.

Check out this video to see how to back up your video with Filmora and download the trial version to play with all its tools.

iMovie was introduced to Mac systems in 1999 and has since evolved to OSX and beyond. Since 2003 iMovie has been included for free on Mac computers and although it is an old program it has continued to change its functions and features to keep up with the times with multiple improvements and more compatibility. There are hundreds of iMovie tutorials to help you learn how to use it making this program a good choice for video creation and editing.

iMovie features a ton of editing options and video support. It can support HD video edit in a lot of formats like .mov MP4. QuickTime and many others and also supports FireWire import from HDTV camcorders making it a very easy-to-use video capture and editing tool even when working with video recorded from the mobile or other camcorders. iMovie also imports from USB which means you can pretty much work from any video source with this program.

Newer versions of iMovie also let you work with the program on portable devices the same way you would on a computer. There are many devices that include this program such as iPhone iPod touch or iPad. From these same devices you can also get your videos in reverse without any problem.

iMovie will continue to introduce new features and updates with upcoming operating systems and also to keep up with technological changes. The list of features and options of this program keeps growing and with the tutorials and extensions available online you will be able to create professional quality videos and movies as long as you have a Mac computer with this program installed.

Powerful and easy to use video editor for all creators.

Free effects resources to make your videos super attractive.

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FAQ: how to reverse a video on iphone

Where can I see the clipboard on iPhone?

Tap on the text box (if it wasn’t selected before you may need to tap on it twice – once to select it and once to open the context menu) and choose Paste from the floating menu. © there on the clipboard.

How do I open the clipboard?

To access Clipboard history at any time press Windows logo key + V. In Clipboard history you can paste and pin frequently used items by choosing an individual item from the Clipboard menu.

Where is the clipboard located?

This is how you can access and manage the clipboard on your Android phone: Open a messaging app and tap on the text input bar to display the keyboard. Now you will see different icons like GIF stickers translator clipboard etc. Click on the clipboard and access it.

How to recover a copied text on iPhone?

Shake to undo: Recover deleted text on your iPhone

Go to any app where you can type some text like Notes iMessage or Mail.

Write something.

Then delete it.

Now shake your iPhone from side to side. You will see that what you had written and erased reappears on the screen.

Where is the clipboard of a cell phone?

Where is the clipboard on your Android phone

It is “inside†that is it is integrated into the operating system of your mobile. You won’t be able to access that data but you can use the copy cut and paste functions.


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