Indian Home Decoration Items

Indian Home Decoration Items

Indian Home Decoration Items


The distribution of your living room will help you when setting up a dining table. A common location for a rectangular dining table is against the back of a couch. If your living room is near a kitchen that isn’t big enough to accommodate the table, use your dining table as a room divider.

What shouldn’t we do at the table?

Do not throw used toothpicks on the table. You can wrap them in a handkerchief before leaving them on the table. It would then be easier for the cleaning staff to remove them without touching them or coming into direct contact with them. Bones and other food waste should not be thrown carelessly on the table.

How to combine living room and dining room?

ideas for decorating a combined living room and dining room
Create bright spaces between the living room and the dining room.
Consider the function of each space.
Use matching furniture.
Make the most of your storage options.
Use smaller pieces of furniture to make the most of your living room and dining room.

Is it acceptable to have a dining table in the living room?

If you were curious whether it is acceptable to put a dining table in the living room, the answer is yes. Take a look at the following positions to use when arranging a dining table in this space: In front of the sofa from the coffee table. On one side the sofa and the coffee table.

What is the living/dining room combination?

Side-by-Side Living and Dining Combo

A side-by-side design featuring a living room with its anchor sofa placed away from the dining area creates distinct zones within the same uniform space.

What is a combined kitchen and living room called?

An open concept kitchen refers to the absence of barriers in and around the kitchen. This generally includes the dining room and the living room, and is often referred to collectively as the great room. In comparison, a traditional home design clearly separates each room with walls and barriers.

Should the living room and dining room be the same color?

Decorating your living environment involves lifestyle choices that are reflected in personal tastes. The adjoining living room and dining room do not need to be decorated the same just because they are side by side. You can use a totally different color palette in each room as long as your color choice creates unity in the spaces.

Can we put a sofa in a dining room?

If you’re working with an open living-dining room and want to keep it casual, a large sectional sofa is the perfect choice. It’s suitable for the whole family, giving everyone plenty of room to relax and stretch out, and also doubles as a divider for living and dining areas.

In which room should we keep the dining table?

Vastu dining room – Address

On the south, west or east side of the house, the dining room should be connected to the kitchen. Also, since this is the most advantageous position, the ideal direction to build a dining room is west.

Where should the dining room be in a house?

Where to place a dining room in a house? Dining rooms are traditionally in a space adjacent to the kitchen. Having a separate dining room with its own doors allows homeowners to entertain diners without interruptions, distractions, or noise from the kitchen.


The Room Ideally, you’ll want to place your TV away from high traffic areas and at an angle where sunlight from windows won’t cause glare on your screen. Feel free to experiment with placement before finding studs and drilling holes in the wall.


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