industrial style kitchens

industrial style kitchens

industrial style kitchens


The six most common modular kitchen designs are L-shaped, straight, U-shaped, parallel or kitchen, island and peninsula; each of them has its own advantages and uses the work triangle differently.

What is an industrial style kitchen?

Industrial style kitchens are simple, utilitarian spaces where raw materials and sturdy fixtures and finishes take center stage – think surfaces like concrete and steel, exposed brickwork and lots of open space. Here are some common things to look for: Solid materials such as concrete, steel, brick, and wooden beams.

How can I make my kitchen more industrial?

Simple tips and tricks can add an industrial touch to your own kitchen ideas. Combine leather furniture with stainless steel: floor lamps, bar stools, counters and metal appliances will add to the loft style. Select an understated color palette and choose black steel, copper or brass lighting.

What are the 5 types of cuisines?

The 6 most popular types of kitchen design
The kitchen with only one wall. Commonly found in smaller kitchens, this simple design saves space without sacrificing functionality. .
The kitchen of the kitchen. .
The L-shaped kitchen. .
The U-shaped kitchen. .
The island kitchen. .
The kitchen of the peninsula.

What are the different kitchen design styles?

Different types of kitchen styles
Farmhouse kitchen styles. Life on the farm denotes a simpler and calmer time. .
Contemporary/modern kitchen styles. .
Traditional kitchen styles. .
Styles of French cuisine. .
Coastal kitchen styles. .
Country kitchen styles. .
Bohemian kitchen styles. .
Industrial kitchen styles.

What are the 4 types of cuisine?

There are six basic kitchen layout types: island, parallel, straight, L-shaped, U-shaped, open, and kitchen. The L-shaped kitchen is best suited for homes that dont need too much counter space, while the galley-shaped kitchen is suitable for smaller homes.

What is the difference between rustic and industrial?

While rustic leans more towards a feminine feel, industrial furniture is often more masculine, rendered with dark metals, distressed woods and heavy hardware. This style exudes casual sophistication and can give the impression of an unfinished look.

What is the most efficient design for a kitchen?

U-shaped kitchen

Ideally, this layout has an appliance on each of its 3 walls to maximize counter space and work area around each appliance. This space can contain an island if the area is large enough, but it can be between adjacent staging areas.

What are the 6 distribution types of a professional kitchen?

Types of commercial kitchen layouts
Assembly line layout.
Island layout.
Zone style layout.
Kitchen layout.
Open kitchen layout.

How big should an industrial kitchen be?

You might want to make sure you have at least 2,000 square feet for the kitchen, or your staff might not be able to keep up with demand. By following this methodology, most catering businesses find that they have enough space to run their business efficiently, without taking up unnecessary space.


Shaker Style Cabinets Shaker
Shaker Style

Shaker cabinets have quickly become one of the most popular cabinet styles for kitchens of all types. Simple square panel doors look great with any hardware. This kitchen features dark-toned shaker-style cabinetry with striking brass hardware that leaves the space clean and modern.


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