Interior Design California Style

Interior Design California Style

Interior Design California Style


Today, we’re focusing on the laid-back aesthetic of the Californian eclectic. This style of design mixes minimalist and rustic furniture and often incorporates accent pieces with a bohemian and/or Spanish twist. There are also a lot of textures, coastal elements and old elements.

What is Californian style decor?

California Casual, also known as California Cool or simply California Style, is a decorating style that specializes in soft, neutral colors on furniture and walls, inviting and comfortable furnishings, a relaxed bohemian feel enhanced with materials and natural fabrics. , such as leather, wood, wool, cotton and stone.

What is the Californian style called?

Also known as “California Cool” or “California Casual”, the California interior design style is a relaxed aesthetic that effortlessly juxtaposes Mediterranean hues and natural materials, resulting in light, airy and inviting spaces. .

What is California chic interior design?

California chic interior design usually includes bright and inviting design, but it’s so much more than that. It is a home decor inspired by the Californian experience, including several elements such as: Bright pops of color inspired by the sun. Beach life with shades of ocean and sand.

What is California Modern Design?

California Modernism is a style of architecture with certain key elements that are integral to our architectural philosophy. It takes advantage of the climate, the landscape and the external environment. Blurs the boundaries between inside and outside.

What is the Californian look?

But how exactly do you define the Californian look? “Casual bohemian with a deconstructed edge,” says LA-based stylist Morgan Simonds of Better Off Dressed. ‘California is all about taking in and creating the latest trends, then giving them a laid-back, seaside vibe.

What is California casual decor?

The key elements of this California style are casual furnishings, natural materials, and an emphasis on comfort. Casual California interiors often have an earthy vibe, with lots of wooden furniture and accents. Natural fiber fabrics are also popular in this style as they add texture and depth to the space.

What is a California style house?

California homes are often characterized by Mediterranean floor plans. This Mediterranean floor plan has an open floor plan that allows easy circulation between the dining room, kitchen, and living room. The interior/exterior design is perfect for entertaining.

What is Southern California style?

California style is synonymous with laid-back, laid-back style with a beachy undertone created by the surf culture that has shaped the state. So if you want to dress like you live by the sea, no matter how far you are, grow your hair long, get at least a pair of Vans and go from there.

What is Mexican interior design?

Vibrant colors, bold and distinctive patterns with some rustic furniture are the hallmark of the Mexican style of interior design. This one aims to create an eclectic feel with bright colors that are culturally rich and especially have a strong Native American influence.


Sometimes known as the “anything goes” dress code, California Casual is totally casual and allows t-shirts, shorts and sandals, or whatever your guests feel comfortable in! This is great because it puts very little pressure on your guests about what to wear.


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