Is education overrated?

Is education overrated?

Is education overrated?

Everyone doesn’t have to go to school. Both Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Edison quit high school before they graduated. Instead, they educated themselves by reading books they had to borrow. Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg left top schools after only a few years to become billionaires in Silicon Valley. Many people like Zuckerberg and Lincoln have done very well because they went to school and worked hard at learning.

When we asked people in our community if they agreed or disagreed with the statement “Formal education is overrated,” we got a lot of different answers, which didn’t surprise us. For example, there is a big difference between Intuitive and Observant, where 51.4% agree and 35.4% agree, and between Prospecting and Judging, where 52.6% agree and 36.7% agree. SAT scores, grade point averages, essays, and college applications – Even reading those words probably made you cringe, and that’s fine. Most of our time in high school is spent learning, which is especially true because the classes at Ridgewood High School are so hard.

RHS is, without a doubt, a very successful school. But when the intensity goes up, more work needs to be done. I wanted to know how long RHS students spend on homework each night, and the unexpected outcome caught everybody by surprise. According to their logs, eight percent of the students reported spending two hours or more on homework every night. Even more surprising is that 32% of people work past their usual bedtime every night. The fact that kids spend so much time on homework shows how important school is in our lives.

Students may feel like they are under a lot of pressure because of how much more importance is put on education these days. A new study says that students are often more stressed out than adults. A survey done at NYU showed that more than half of all students feel very stressed daily. It is very worrying, especially since long-term stress can cause health problems like migraines, high blood pressure, anxiety, asthma, and even depression, none of which should be a problem for high school students.

The truth is that many teenagers experience mild anxiety. It is often used to force some kids to do something. I can focus better when stressed, so I usually get more done. When I know I have to finish a task in a certain amount of time or work; I can pay more attention to it. Quite a few high school students think this way.

So, education is more important than ever, but that doesn’t mean it should be stressed too much. Even though it may seem like students have a hard time with very challenging academic programs, in the long run, the benefits are greater than the drawbacks. As students, it is our job to keep up with how quickly things are getting better and changing around us. As people get smarter, they need to keep learning. Even if you don’t like school right now, getting a good education will be good for you in the long run. We will all be better off in the long run if we do well in school during these important years.


53.16 percent of analysts think school isn’t as important as it should be. There are more people in every other role category than in this one. Analysts are known for being smart and interested in science and technology, so their ideas about formal schooling may seem strange to some people. On the other hand, analysts may find that the traditional classroom is too limiting and carefully controlled for them to study what they want to learn because they are opinionated and independent thinkers. With so many different answers, it shows that some Analysts agree with Thomas Edison’s ideas about education. In contrast, others think that a more traditional way of learning is better for themselves and the vast majority of other people.

Regarding formal schooling, not all diplomats agreed, but 50.49 percent of them did. Diplomats may enjoy the camaraderie and group learning that school offers, but they tend to daydream and use their imaginations, which could lead them to break classroom rules. Is it true that this box has everything a person’s soul needs to grow? They might not protest school in the same way that an Analyst does, but they might feel so strongly about the same issue that they stop attending school.

Even though only 42.91% of Explorers agreed with the statement “Formal education is overrated,” that was still a big number. This sentence shows how different the Explorers’ side of Prospecting is from other people’s. They want to improvise and be spontaneous, so they usually hate anything planned, like school. On the other hand, the practical way of thinking of explorers might help them control these desires long enough to get the knowledge and skills they need to do whatever they set their minds and hands.

The Sentinels are the last group, and only 31.15 percent think formal education is very important. Sentinels, like Explorers, know how good a formal education can be and how important education is in and of itself. Sentinels usually see this structure as something to admire and try to copy, not as something to fight. Other people, on the other hand, might think that the course subject is worth learning in a tough environment. Formal schooling may include learning specific skills and facts and getting used to a structured, hierarchical environment.


Some people might think formal education is good for society, even if they don’t agree with the ideas. Others who know education’s importance may complain that people are losing their values in their never-ending quest for success. Entrepreneurship and research give the world new chances, but critics may point out that there are still places without running water and decent housing, even in wealthy countries. They may ask what the point is of making progress when there is still so much to do. Formal education has helped many people, but it has also stopped some people from doing more important things. The fact that the number of responses pretty even shows that there is still some disagreement about how important education is.


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