Living Room French Style

Living Room French Style

Living Room French Style


Features commonly associated with French provincial furniture include cabriolet legs and simple scalloped carving. Dining chairs often have a carved wheat pattern that reflects the maker’s rural setting. The ladder back chair with woven rattan seat is the typical French provincial dining chair.

What is the French bedroom?

Rustic yet comfortable, elegant yet practical, French country-style living spaces have a relaxed, lived-in look and are characterized by soft neutral tones and faded colors combined with an abundance of natural materials.

How can I make my living room look French?

10 ways to make your home French (and incredibly stylish)
out of 10. Add a gold mirror. .
out of 10. Make your fireplace French. .
of 10. French Vintage Frame Posters. .
out of 10. Add candlestick. .
out of 10. Decorate with vintage rugs. .
out of 10. Use a closet. .
of 10. Mix vintage furniture. .
out of 10. Choose wear parts.

What is the French interior design style?

In other words, the French interior design style is elegant and bold yet personal and quirky. Some basics of French interior design. Lighting: crystal chandeliers, pendant lights, chandeliers and floor lamps. Materials: Brocade and draped velvet, silk organza, linen and muslin (transparency + lightness).

What is the French Country decorating style?

French country style combines European elegance with rustic comfort. Using soothing hues, soft patterns, and vintage accents, the popular decor aesthetic creates an inviting look that’s both polished and lived-in. Use these charming ideas to incorporate French country decor into your home.

What defines French style?

The French style consists of finding the right balance between elegance and relaxation at the same time (we say contracted chic in French). It’s not being obsessed with wearing bold hues, quirky items, bright colors and expensive pieces.

What is the classic French style?

It includes classics such as white t-shirts, trench coats, blazers and ballet flats. But also pieces that have more recently established themselves as wardrobe essentials: loafers, striped sweaters and white sneakers. Being French, these are the wardrobe essentials I turn to season after season.

What makes a house look French?

A French-style house, also called a French provincial house, is a stone, brick, or stucco house with a pitched roof and large windows. Often featuring landscaped patios, iron gates and gravelled driveways, French-style homes are known for their rustic charm.

How to decorate my bedroom like a French girl?

Expert advice: how to decorate like a Frenchwoman
Mix styles and stories. .
Use chairs as a sculpture. .
Alternate groups of objects with empty spaces. .
Layer your lighting (and always use dimmers). .
Hang mirrors to add light and depth. .
Exchange new accessories every season. .
Create a hobo style by sewing on patches.

What is the name of French decoration?

You may also hear this type of decoration referred to as provincial style. The provincial style is recognized as a somewhat more formal and refined appearance. Some of its elements, like its rich colors, bold patterns and gold accents, can be incorporated into French country style.


What are the colors of the French country? The French country design has a neutral color palette that includes white, beige, gray, and brown. The French also like to add subtle, washed-out colors like light green, French blue, pale pink or lavender.


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