Livingroom Clock

Livingroom Clock

Livingroom Clock


Pendulum clocks are preferred in homes because they tend to swing good vibrations. While clocks with reflective glass should never be placed to reflect the bedroom or front door as this conveys the idea that time is passing.

How big should a wall clock be?

The living room is the second most conventional and practical place to display the clock. When not in the kitchen, the family spends most, if not all, of the day in the living room. For this reason, it’s also one of the best places to keep your watch, it will keep the whole family on time.

Which way should you put a wall clock?

So, a circular metal wall clock, according to Vastu, can be the best option for your living room. 4. Wooden wall clocks: Wooden wall clocks are suitable for the east wall of the room. 3 days ago

Should we have a clock in the living room?

The watches work best with two height options, either between eye level and chest level or above eye level. If you are looking for a tall clock, it should be taller than the tallest obstruction in the room. Think of a door, window or ledge.

Which wall clock is best for the living room?

Vastu Shastra states that east, west and north directions are ideal for placing wall clocks. The south direction is not compatible with the placement of wall clocks. Also, the west direction should only be chosen if the east and north directions are not accessible.

Where is the clock going in the room?

But as Pinterest points out, horology (the study of time) is having a big impact on home style and decor in 2022.1 While this trend isn’t entirely new, large wall clocks were also early popular. and mid-1920s. 2000s. Contemporary applications go beyond the sleek look of the farmhouse clock of years past.

Where to place a wall clock in a house?

According to Vastu experts, stopped clocks denote a lack of progress in life. As if time had stopped for them. A stopped clock can harbor many negative emotions and energies.

Are wall clocks going out of fashion in 2022?

wall clock should be between six and eighteen inches wide. Wall clocks come in three general sizes: small, medium, and large. A small watch measures approximately 8.5 inches, a medium watch measures between

Why shouldn’t the stopped clock be kept at home?

Answer According to Vastu Shastra, the ideal orientation of the wall clock should be the east or north direction. Placing the wall clock according to Vastu will ensure the prosperity and health of all family members.

How big should a wall clock be in a living room?

In general, clocks are not considered auspicious in feng shui.

This is because they represent the passage of time. When clocks are oversized, it represents an oversized presence of time and the passage of time. It implies death.


According to Vaastu, the ideal directions for wall clocks are east, west, and north. The southern direction is not considered suitable for this purpose. Although west is considered appropriate, it should only be an option if it is not possible to set the clock in the east or north directions.


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