M2 Interior

M2 Interior

M2 Interior


At the same time, the CS’s two high-performance turbochargers maintain the powerful torque of 550 Nm for a little longer: between 2,350 and 5,500 rpm. Under these conditions, the CS completes the sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.0* seconds, which is 0.2 seconds faster than the Competition.

Is the M2 comfortable?

It’s hard to find things you don’t like about the M2. It’s more than fast enough, it’s fun and accessible to ride, and it’s even quite comfortable and practical. The only real downside is that the interior is a bit drab and dated, which stands out against the luxurious Audi TT RS.

Is the M2 better than the M240i?

The BMW M240i, thanks to its brilliant B58 engine, is as fast as the M2, if not faster. Its all-wheel-drive grip means it’s more consistent off-line and faster in wet weather. Its softer suspension and lighter steering are easier to use, and its cabin is quieter.

Is M2 competition better than M2?

BMW’s updated entry-level M car exudes a different attitude, for better or worse. The M2 Competition is a strange duck. Instead of joining the M2 in the lineup as a track-ready trim package, it completely replaces the base model.

Does the M2 have rear seats?

Both the M2 Competition and the CS are more practical than most of their sports rivals. The fact that you get two rear seats out of the box makes it easier to live with than Porsche’s two-seat 718 Cayman, although anyone over six feet tall will struggle to get space for the head back.

Why is the M2 so heavy?

For example, the M2 has a carbon fiber roof and tons of aluminum in its suspension. So it’s not like BMW is building it out of lead. To compensate for this weight penalty, BMW gave it a huge engine.

Is M2 better than M1?

In our tests, the M2 has an 18% faster processor than the M1. However, the new chip doesn’t just mean that new Macs can accomplish more, they use less power to do so: Apple promises an 18% increase in processor performance at the same power consumption through various optimizations.

Is the M2 a real M car?

The BMW M2 was a genuine M car. However, BMW released something very similar a few years before the M2 when they released the 1 Series M Coupe. The 1 Series M Coupe was the high performance version of the 1 Series Coupe, but was not listed as a genuine M.

Does the M2 have forged internals?

Well, almost: the version of the M2 has forged pistons, a forged crankshaft and additional oil cooling.

Is an M235i an M2?

Where the M model really differs is in the chassis, which takes a lot from the M4. In fact, the M2 is 80mm wider than the M235i, due to the fact that the front and rear of the car have been completely redesigned, while technical components, such as the suspension setup of the five-link rear axle, come directly from the car. . of M4.


The M Driver’s Pack unlocks a higher top speed of 177mph (was 155mph), so we’d consider adding that as well. Otherwise, the M2 is equipped with everything we think is standard equipment in a pure driver’s car.


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