matte black bedroom

matte black bedroom

matte black bedroom


Keeping your bedroom dark not only helps you sleep well, but can also significantly reduce your risk of developing three major health conditions, according to a new study.

Is black a good color for the bedroom?

Black. In addition to darkening a room, a color like black will create the illusion that the room looks smaller than it actually is. Although darkness may help you fall asleep at night, it will consequently impede your ability to get up in the morning. Darkness will psychologically reduce your energy.

What goes with black in a bedroom?

Pair black with shades of brown for a sophisticated take on neutral earth tones. In this modern bedroom, black linens, side tables and graphic black and white wall paintings are paired with a cocoa-colored bedspread and taupe walls. Bronze accents on the bedside lamps and picture frame add a finishing touch.

Are black walls good for a bedroom?

As well as creating a bold yet sophisticated backdrop for a space, black paint can make a bedroom feel inviting, moody, and perfect for capturing Zs.

Is black and white good for the bedroom?

In fact, a black and white room can be just as vibrant as a room full of color, especially when lots of textures and shapes come into play. As an added bonus, black and white are remarkably serene when used together. , making this opposites-attracting palette a natural fit for bedrooms.

What color should you avoid in the bedroom?

The worst bedroom colors for sleeping are dark, bright and can evoke energy and creativity.

What color should you not paint your bedroom?

However, a recent study found that its best to leave some shades on your bedroom walls. The study* polled over 1,000 Americans to find that yellow, brown and beige are the three worst colors for your bedroom.

Does black make a room appear larger or smaller?

Light, bright walls are more reflective, making a space feel open and airy, helping to maximize the effect of natural light. Dark tones tend to absorb light, making rooms appear smaller.

What does a darkroom mean?

In your bedroom, use black to balance other colors and add depth to your space. Black represents: authority, power, elegance, formality, death, evil, mystery, strength, prestige.

Does black make a room look smaller?

It is a mistake to think that dark walls make a room look smaller. Dark wall colors dont make a room look small, just like a light color wont make a room look bigger. Dark wall colors tend to fade.


Black and white interior design has the power to give your home a lasting impression. Designers regularly incorporate this two-tone color theme into their creations to enliven interiors. The beauty of using black and white is that the palette is flexible and can look modern or classic, depending on how you use it.


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