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How to Bypass Android Unlock Code?

Method 3. Google Login (only support Android 4.4 or lower)

Step 1. Enter the wrong pattern for five times.

Step 2. Choose “Forgot Pattern”

Step 3. Enter your Google Account ID or Backup PIN.

Step 4. Now your phone would be unlocked

How do I deactivate emergency mode?

To turn Emergency Mode off, tap → The three vertical dots at the top right, Turn off Emergency Mode. You can also hold down the Power key and then press Emergency Mode.

How to remove emergency call from lock screen?


First open the Settings. .

Scroll down and tap Screen lock and security or Screen lock.

Tap Lock screen or Lock screen type.

Enter your PIN, password or biometric authentication mode.

Select None.


What to do if you forget the unlock pattern?

Take a computer, tablet or other phone, launch a web browser, then go to the Samsung Smartphone Mobile Tracker service and log in to your Samsung account. Once logged in, click the Unlock My Device button.

How to make a program on Android?

1. Remove Forgotten Android Lock Pattern

Choose Screen Unlock.

Start to unlock Android screen.

Click Delete Now.

Samsung with Bixby button.

Screen lock removal complete.

Answer the security question

Erase device data.

Ronnie Martin.

What software to unlock cell phone?

[2022]Top 4 Phone Unlock Software.

Part 1: Dr.Fone – Android SIM Unlock.

Part 2: Dr.Fone – Screen Unlock.

Part 3: Multi Unlock Software.

Part 4: NokiaFREE Unlock Code Calculator.

Why does my phone go into emergency mode?

If your mobile shows the message “112”, “Emergency calls only”, or “No network available”, it is not picking up the network. Check that your mobile is not in airplane mode or offline.

How to remove Emergency call only on Android?

Go to Settings and press the Connections button. Then select Mobile Network and Network Mode. Rather than LTE/3G/2G, choose 2G only. This reset should remove the “Emergency Calls Only X Search Source” warning from your screen. HAS”

What is Samsung emergency mode?

Since version 10 of Android, smartphones have had an “Emergency” mode which allows you to quickly call 18 by pressing the start button 4 times in a row, to display the contact details of a trusted contact or post medical information (allergy, treatment, blood type, etc.)

How to remove emergency calls on Huawei?

Bertrand J.

From the home screen: Tap SETTINGS.



Press OPERATOR under SIM CARD 1.

Disable AUTO SELECT by pressing the corresponding switch.

A warning message appears.



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