Mr. Doodle spent 2 years doodling his entire house

Mr. Doodle spent 2 years doodling his entire house

Mr. Doodle spent 2 years doodling his entire house

Sam Cox, who is from Britain and is 31 years old, is Mr. Doodle. Mr. Doodle has always liked to sketch and draw. As a child, he would draw on his books and his parents’ furniture. The artist started drawing while he was at the University of the West of England in Bristol. He wore clothes that were made in his own style. Because he was good at drawing, a professor called him “Mr. Doodle.” Then, Cox became well-known through social media, and his work spread quickly around the world. This led to shows in London and Seoul and partnerships with brands like MTV V, Adidas, Fendi, and Puma.

You’d be surprised by how many silly stick figures are drawn in the margins of well-known books about history. Some of the most important people in history were also doodlers. There are way too many famous writers and people who have been president of the US to name. 

Drawing helps you concentrate better.

Contrary to what most people think, doodling helps you stay on task because it gives your brain just enough stimulation to keep it from “zoning out” or going back to its normal state.

You can show how you feel when you doodle.

Doodling can help you express your feelings if you have trouble talking or putting them into words. It can also help you calm down when you are upset, angry, or anxious.

Drawing helps you think of new ideas.

Doodling is the act of drawing while daydreaming, which is a great way to come up with new ideas. There’s just enough peace and quiet for something that’s been on your mind to come out on its own. But maybe the best thing about drawing is that it gives you unique insights into your own mind.

Even the same person will draw in different ways depending on how they are feeling. People doodle for a wide range of reasons. This is not by chance. Even if you’re doodling without much thought, that doesn’t mean your mind isn’t there. We were curious about what the 99 design team’s scribbles meant. So, we got 15 real doodles from our employees and had artists and handwriting experts help us figure out what they meant.


How do our doodles show who we are? Let’s start with pictures of the artist. The fact that a person can draw human forms shows that they are comfortable with their whole body and have a good opinion of themselves. It means that a person can keep their feelings in check and reach their goals. It doesn’t matter if the drawing is complicated or just a few sticks; what matters is that it looks real.


Even simple faces deserve close scrutiny. Before you can figure out what these doodles mean, you have to decide if they show how the artist sees himself or herself or how they see other people. People with pretty faces often have a happy and upbeat attitude. When someone looks bad, it makes them seem hostile or suspicious.


Since we were kids, we’ve been drawing flowers since they’re a popular subject. Even though women are more likely to draw them, men also do. Flowers represent someone who is kind, quiet, or even weak. Even though they are beautiful, they are fragile and easily affected by things outside of themselves.


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