My late father had a labeled drawer for a plastic shark among construction supplies.

My late father had a labeled drawer for a plastic shark among construction supplies.

My late father had a labeled drawer for a plastic shark among construction supplies.

Quality construction is important if you want to grow your business, keep your professional reputation, and keep making money. But not everyone can keep track of the quality of a project. Studies show that more than half of construction mistakes (54%) are caused by “human factors,” such as untrained workers or bad supervision. Only 12% of construction mistakes are caused by problems with the materials or systems. Here is where you can get the Construction Organization Checklist.

Most contractors and tradespeople are proud of their work, but they also know that things don’t always go as planned. especially when it comes to big or hard projects Because the construction industry is so unpredictable, it is not always possible to make predictions.

Start with the Right Staff

There is no doubt that there is a lack of workers in construction and the trades. According to research from 2019, it is hard to find skilled trade workers. “80% of contractors said they had trouble hiring craft workers last year, and 35% think it will get harder in the coming year,” the study said. Carpenters, concrete workers, pipelayers, sheet metal workers, and iron workers were the hardest to find, but almost every category had at least 50% of contractors who couldn’t find work.

Give some money to technology.

KPMG research shows that technology will be very important to the success of the construction industry in the future. They found three ways that technology is used in the construction industry:

  • The top 20%: leaders with a clear vision
  • 60% are passionate supporters.
  • Different from the bottom 20%

KPMG’s 2019 Global Construction Survey says that for the bottom 20% of people who use technology, the need is “considerably more urgent, if not existential.” 

Choose the Right Tools

Make sure you don’t skimp on supplies once you have your contract and know what your customer wants. Make sure that all of the materials used to build the structures and buildings meet the quality standards for the project. Make sure the supplies you order are what you need.

Keep safety and compliance in mind.

Adequate safety and compliance rules not only keep your employees safe, but they also stop your project from being done in a way that isn’t good enough or isn’t right. Use a reliable time-tracking tool to make sure employees take the breaks they need and don’t work too much overtime. 

Double-check everything.

The saying “If you want something done well, do it yourself” doesn’t always apply to on-site owners and managers. You have a lot of other things to do, like writing up paperwork and making job estimates. If you don’t check on each step as your supers or foremen finish it, you could end up with flaws in the building that will need more work in a year or two.

Defend work that’s been done

A contractor’s worst fear is bad weather. But we don’t have any say in how things turn out. Finished surfaces can be damaged even by subcontractors who don’t do their jobs well. Surfaces that are easy to scratch or damage should be covered with wood, cardboard, or other materials until the job is done. Some products come in plastic wrap, which should stay in place until the section is ready to be turned over.


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