new cars use in-car computers to make driving safer

new cars use in-car computers to make driving safer

new cars use in-car computers to make driving safer

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Plug the tracking device into the OBD port of your fleet vehicles and start receiving data in minutes.

Geotab connects vehicles via a secure IoT hub to provide data analytics and allow companies to optimize their fleet management.

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new cars use in-car computers to make driving safer

What is the origin of the word ordinateur?

Etymology. From Latin ōrdinātor (“one who orders”), from ōrdinō (“to order, to organize”).

What is the meaning of the French word L ordinateur?


[ɔʀdinatœʀ ] masculine noun. computer. put on computer to computerize – to put on computer.

Is ordinateurs masculine or feminine in French?

Answer and Explanation: Ordinateur (computer in French) is masculine in gender.

Do French say computer?

One such word is computer in French: ordinateur.

How do you say Windows in French?

French translation of ‘window’

the window fem (of building)

la vitre fem (in car, train) a shop window a showcase.

the masc tile (PL the tiles) (window pane)

What is the English meaning of Rideau?

Definition of rideau

: a small ridge or mound of earth : ground slightly elevated.

How do you say TV in French?

The word for television is television now you try it the television.More

How do you say I am writing a book in French?

I write, you write, he/she writes, we write, you write, they write.

What is the plural of ordinateur?

computers n

computer m (plural: computers m)

What is the feminine form of Travailleur?

worker m ‎ (plural workers, feminine worker), worker, one who works.


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