Obama Privately Warned Reporters Trump Would Destroy America In 8 Years In Last Days In Office

Obama Privately Warned Reporters Trump Would Destroy America In 8 Years In Last Days In Office

Obama Privately Warned Reporters Trump Would Destroy America In 8 Years In Last Days In Office

As we’ve already said, most of the criticism between 2016 and 2020 was aimed at Barack Obama for keeping quiet about how he felt about Donald Trump. Even though most of the world called him a “certified moron,” “an idiot surrounded by clowns,” “Adolf Hitler,” and probably “a malignant tumour on the colon of society,” the 44th president didn’t say his successor’s name in public until the end of 2018.

People would have liked to hear Obama’s supposed private comments in which he called the 45th president “a madman,” “a racist, sexist pig,” “a corrupt motherfucker,” and a “fucking lunatic.” Obama did decide to start talking around the end of 2020. In August, he said that if Trump had the chance, he would “tear down our democracy.” He must have said other things about the person, too.

In his last days in office, Obama is said to have told reporters in a private conversation that Trump being president for four years would be “good” for the country, but that Trump being president for eight years would be “a problem.” I would be worried if some of these norms fell apart and kept falling apart for a long time. (In 2017, journalist Jason Leopold used the Freedom of Information Act to get a transcript of what was said.) Trump has been saying for a while that he will run for office again, and if he does, he will have the eight years that Obama warned against. One could say that the country is much worse off now than it was four years ago, and that Obama was too optimistic about Trump’s first term, even though that would be bad for everyone.

Obama told reporters that he didn’t think Trump wanted to start any wars, but that he thought Trump would be interested in “bombing the hell out of terrorists” elsewhere in the debate. In early January 2020, the Trump administration killed Iran’s military chief, Qasem Soleimani. Trump later said that he didn’t get enough credit for this, and that he should have because Soleimani was a much “bigger” terrorist than Osama bin Laden, whose role in the 9/11 attacks he strangely tried to downplay. Obama said during the conversation that “I think his basic plan is, “I’m going to go around the world making deals and maybe suing people.” His foreign policy is shaped by his meetings with Malaysian developers and Saudi princes. But it doesn’t say “Let me start huge battles that keep me busy.” And even if he did do that, that’s not what his base wants from him. Bloomberg says that Obama said his main worry for his successor is that the country’s top law enforcement agency will become too political. Obama told reporters, “I would be as sure as white on rice about the Justice Department.” I would pay very close attention to that. And I think you should stay on top of it if there is even a hint that investigations, prosecutions, etc. are being done because of politics. Trump did spend a lot of his time in office asking the DOJ to look into his political opponents, such as Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and Hillary Clinton. Bloomberg reports that Geoffrey Berman, the former US Attorney for the Southern District of New York, has accused the Trump administration’s Justice Department of interfering with legal proceedings and forcing his office to open investigations into Trump’s opponents for political reasons.


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