Previous homeowners left a note to the young, newlywed couple who purchased their home

Previous homeowners left a note to the young, newlywed couple who purchased their home

Previous homeowners left a note to the young, newlywed couple who purchased their home

The newlyweds had their wedding in Denver, and they eventually decided to stay in the “Mile High City” for good.

Even though the couple’s experience buying a home is not typical, it shows that it can be done professionally and quickly, even in a very competitive market. If you have been wondering if now is a good time to buy, Usaj Realty will be happy to talk you through your options and help you decide if it makes sense to start building wealth through a house purchase right now. First American says that “the most recent data confirms that housing is one of the most important ways for most households that become homeowners to build wealth.”

Make a plan to make sure you will succeed.

Erica and Ned bought their new home with the help of Andrea Henderson of Usaj Realty. The couple found their “perfect” home in the end by keeping an open mind about the neighbourhoods in Denver and the type of home they wanted. “We were looking for a place where we could enjoy walking,” they said. However, it did evolve over time. At first, we were looking for a cute Victorian house, but in the end, we chose a newer, more modern one. Even though this is a big change, we knew it was important to keep an open mind and not just focus on one style. It was important not to get caught.

The place can help make the deal happen.

In the end, the couple bought a unique single-family home in the popular neighbourhood of Sunnyside. The five-year-old, three-story contemporary home on a corner lot has a rooftop deck, a gourmet kitchen, and a fireplace that has been updated. You can walk to the RTD light rail station, I-25, popular restaurants, and shops. “The first time Erica and Ned and I talked on the phone, they told me they liked sports and wanted to be close to downtown, if not right in it,” Henderson said. I was sure that I would look for empty houses in the Sunnyside, Highland, and Chaffee Park areas.

You need to be able to change and be willing to work with others. Ned and Erica’s success was helped by the fact that they were determined to find and buy a house as soon as possible. Their willingness to change and persistence paid off. Henderson said that they were very determined, which is why they were able to buy their dream home in just six weeks, from beginning to end. “I showed them a video tour of a Victorian house from the turn of the 20th century in Lincoln Park. They liked its unique features, but they decided they liked more modern, fully remodelled homes better.”

One Last Thing

This couple is not the luckiest couple to buy a house. Before one is chosen, many offers must be made. Some people get tired. Henderson said that the best way for buyers not to get tired is to know what they want, stay focused on those goals, and, most importantly, have fun. I hope that every real estate agent gives their clients everything they need to buy a home in the Denver market, including a clear idea of what they want and the ability to act quickly.


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