Prevost Interior

Prevost Interior

Prevost Interior


Since 1983, the family-owned Marathon Coach has produced more than 1,300 Prevost luxury motorhomes for customers around the world. These one-of-a-kind works of art come with just about every modification imaginable, including our many industry-patented amenities.

Are Prevost motorhomes worth it?

Is it worth the money? Yes, a Prévost motorhome is a good motorhome for the right people. If you want a house on wheels with all the comforts of a stick and brick house, Prévost is a great option. Or if you want one of the safest and strongest motorhomes, the investment is worth it.

How much does a new Prevost cost?

How much does a Prévost mobile home cost? A Prevost RV can cost around $200,000, but usually costs around $300,000 or more. The level of luxury and available features can affect the final cost of a Prevost RV.

What makes Prévost so good?

With superior stainless steel assembly, our motorhomes provide optimum structural integrity, longevity and resistance to bending stress and warping. The innovative Prevost Beam adds strength to accommodate more weight, more ground clearance and more sliders without reducing cargo space.

How many kilometers is a Prévost good at?

Prevost’s platform is tested and built to withstand 1,000,000 miles on highways and back roads in North America.

What engine does Prévost use?

Volvo D13 engine
All Prevost coaches use the proven and environmentally friendly Volvo D13 engine. Impressive 500 horsepower and 1,850 ft.

What is the most expensive Prevost motorhome?

2021 Prevost Emerald H3-45

Price If you’re looking to jump into one of these luxury coaches, you’re looking at a great investment. The price will vary depending on where you look. But overall, prepare to spend over $2 MILLION on the latest Prevost VR.

Where are Prévost buses built?

Prevost (/ˈpreɪvoʊ/, French pronunciation: ​[pÊ evo]) is a Quebec manufacturer of touring coaches and bus bodies for high-end motorhomes and specialty conversions.

Which national coach is today?

Winnebago Industries purchased the company from Ron Lee in 2015 and operated Winnebago diesel push motorhome production with parts and service support for Country Coach and Winnebago motorhomes.

How to pronounce Prévost bus?

If you want to stay true to your roots and pay homage to the man who founded the company, Eugène Prévost, and pronounce the brand by his last name, then everyone should say Pray-vou.



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