rangoli designs for pongal

rangoli designs for pongal

rangoli designs for pongal


Kolams or muggulu are believed to bring prosperity to households. In millions of homes in Tamil Nadu, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, women draw kolams outside their front doors every day at dawn. Traditionally, kolams are drawn on the flat surface of the ground with white rice flour.

What is rangoli called in Pongal?

Pongal kolam
People make rangoli, known as Pongal kolam, in front of their homes on this auspicious occasion to attract good vibes and blessings from gods and goddesses.

What kind of rangoli is the best?

One of the best types of rangoli: the designs full of flowers and leaves make every event special. A flower rangoli is effectively carved and decorated by combining different flower petals and leaves, including pink, orange, yellow and white as the base color themes.

What is Pongal Kolam?

Pongal Kolams and Rangoli Designs: Pongal is celebrated on January 15th this year and what is so special about it? Well, its a harvest festival and people decorate their houses with pongal kolams, prepare the sweetponge and go on a family picnic while biting into the tasty candy canes and sharing family stories.

Is Rangoli Kolam?


Kolam is a type of rangoli originating from the state of Tamil Nadu, formerly known as Tamilakam. It is basically a geometric design consisting of straight lines, circles, dots, curves and loops which are drawn in the form of a grid.

What flour is used for rangoli?

Yellow rangoli powder can be created by mixing turmeric powder with all purpose flour or rice flour. Chickpea or besan flour can also be used if a pale yellow tint is desired.

What is rangoli called in English?

rangoli in British English

(rʌŋˈɡəʊlɪ) 1. a traditional art form from India that uses sand or colored powder to decorate a floor, patio or any other flat surface. 2. the powder itself.

What is the best color for rangoli?

Yellow Rangoli

This is one of the best rangoli colors with rice. Alternatively, you can mix chickpea flour with rice flour to make yellow rangoli powder.

Can you make rangoli during your period?

Can anyone draw rangoli? Anyone can design and create rangoli, however, rangoli is not made by a woman during her period or someone who has recently passed away a close friend or relative.

What paint is used for the rangoli?

Oil paints can also be effective in border design. Using multicolored paints would enhance the level of rangoli. The best option would be to use the oil paint designs with lights.


Rangoli designs are created on the ground or on a table using materials such as powdered limestone, dried rice flour, colored sand, flower petals or colored rocks.


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