rooms decorated for couples

rooms decorated for couples

rooms decorated for couples


Add LOVE symbols, candles, red, pink and good scents

In your bedroom and love areas, add candles, fresh flowers (never fake flowers) and pink or red objects.

How to decorate your room in a romantic way?

How to decorate your bedroom for a romantic night
1 Use soft lighting to set the mood.
2 Place candles throughout the room.
3 Light incense or scented candles.
4 Spread rose petals on the bed.
5 Add a canopy over the top of the bed.
6 Layers of different bedding textures.
7 Stack the bed with pillows.

Oyo allow decoration?

Add a touch of happiness to the OYO room with the decoration of your choice and enhance your celebration. Now you can get OYO rooms decorated with no hassle and that too according to your theme!

How should I decorate my room for a romantic date?

Heres how to plan a romantic night in the bedroom with 9 easy ideas.
Step 1: Light the candles. .
Step 2: Choose another corner to snuggle up. .
Step 3: place the mirror in the room. .
Step 4: Create the setting for your favorite movie/novel. .
Step 5: Romantic massage: Definitive guide to seduction. .
Stage 6: Awesome Food = Seductive Ending.

Can hotels decorate birthday rooms?

Hotels will decorate a room for your birthday, and they will if you ask nicely. Hotel staff aim to please and if you show them a little kindness, they might even agree to do these things for your stay.

How to make a room more intimate?

11 ways to make a large space intimate for your small wedding
Use trees to create closeness and divide the space. .
Take full advantage of Pipe and Drape. .
Lower the roof with flowers. .
Mix up your seats. .
Get creative with lighting. .
Configure a lounge area. .
Make a visual wall with decoration. .
Express Cluster.

How can I make my bedroom intimate?

Filling a room with memorabilia from your past, as well as photos of family and friends, and even artwork that reflects your passions and interests, are great ways to make a room that much more personal. If a room looks like a showroom, all privacy will eventually be sucked away.

Can I party at OYO venues?

Illegal activities are not permitted at any OYO hotel.

Does the OYO house have hidden cameras?

People who book rooms with services like Oyo and Airbnb have found hidden cameras in their rooms. But if youre going to be stuck in a shady hotel room in a pinch, heres a quick and easy way to spot a hidden camera. All you need is a smartphone. Turn off all light sources.

Why are OYO rooms famous for couples?

Madam, you have a local ID, we cant give you a room. OYO rooms came to the rescue. Their app offers a relationship mode that helps users find couples-friendly hotels, which means they allow unmarried couples, even with local IDs, to check in seamlessly.


Hotels, whether budget or exclusive, are usually happy to decorate your room for a birthday or other events. I love decorated rooms so I do it for my friends and hotels are always ready to please, especially resorts.


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