Rudiger walks off completely covered in blood 95″.

Rudiger walks off completely covered in blood 95″.

Rudiger walks off completely covered in blood 95″.

Real Madrid could have looked bad on Tuesday, but Antonio Rudiger scored a late goal that sent the defending European champions to the round of 16. His reward, though, was a violent crash that hurt his head and sent him back to Madrid.

After scoring the equaliser in the 95th minute to tie the game 1-1 against Shakhtar Donetsk in Warsaw, Germany’s defender had to leave the field covered in blood and needing stitches because he had cut his head so badly. In extra time, Madrid was behind 1-0, and Shakhtar Donetsk, whose home games are played in Poland because of the war in Ukraine, was inches away from a historic win. Rudiger’s international teammate Toni Kroos signalled for the 6-foot-3 centre back to go into the Shakhtar penalty area. Kroos thought that Rudiger’s skills in the air would help Los Blancos score a late goal. In the 92nd minute, Kroos tried to pass like a quarterback into the box, but Rudiger just missed it. This gave the first chance to the other team.

Madrid seems to have thrown away his chance. Three minutes later, Kroos passed the same ball to Rudiger, who headed it into the goal, just like the first time. The 21-year-old goalkeeper for Shakhtar, Anatolii Trubin, ran off his line to get to the ball first when Rudiger headed it toward the goal. It was shocking and made me feel sick.Rudiger shoved his happy teammates out of the way and fell to his knees, confused and bleeding. Both players were on the ground, but it looked like the Madrid player was hurt more. Rudiger had trouble seeing out of one eye and had blood all over his white shirt. The medical team helped him get to a place where he could get more help.

A few seconds later, the game was over, and Rudiger’s health was, as you might expect, the main topic of conversation. In his TV interview after the game, Carlo Ancelotti was quick to calm any fears. Even though the cut on his forehead was deep, he is fine. He wished to go back, “Ancelotti said, laughing. Ancelotti later added the following information to his press conference: “He’s getting stitched up. He is awake, talking, smiling, and very happy because he won. To be honest, I’ve seen better images, said Kroos. You saw how hard it is and how many lives are lost on the field. I hope he gets back to us as soon as he can. Antonio Rudiger told Real Madrid fans that he is fine after pictures of him covered in blood came out. Rudiger got hurt after he scored the equaliser. Blood was on his shirt from the crash. His fans said that he was “fine.”


Rudiger’s equaliser in the last minute of the game gave Real Madrid its first win of the season against Shakhtar Donetsk. The goal, however, led to some disturbing scenes when a German defender cut himself and blood got all over his jersey.


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