Rustic Mediterranean Decor

Rustic Mediterranean Decor

Rustic Mediterranean Decor


Geometric patterns and floral patterns are also great options for achieving this look, and are most striking when contrasted with rustic decor and vintage finds. Wood-look tiles are a great way to showcase patterned tiles and other Mediterranean-inspired accessories in your home while adding a little warmth.

What is Modern Mediterranean Style Interior Design?

3 ways to add a touch of the Mediterranean to your home cor
Use royal blue accents with neutral highlights. To instantly give your home a more coastal feel, create a rich color palette of turquoises or blues. .
Bring back the old one. A key characteristic of the Mediterranean region is its rich history. .
Keep it light and airy.

What are the elements of Mediterranean design?

The exterior of Mediterranean homes typically features a red tiled roof (usually terracotta), as well as brickwork or stucco often painted white. Stone details, carved doors, and raw iron and metal on windows, balconies, and front doors are other common features.

How to make my house look like the Mediterranean?

Mediterranean decor is generally simple and romantic. It is characterized by light and warm colors usually found in nature, such as terracotta, brown, cerulean, azure and sea-foam green. Dramatic yet simple pieces are another must-have Mediterranean style.

What is the Mediterranean country house style?

Modern Mediterranean interior design features similar attributes to create a bright, warm, inviting, and rustic yet elegant space. This style runs the gamut from simple functional to formal classic, depending on your preference.

What is the Mediterranean style of decoration?

Mediterranean colors are meant to richly reflect the colors of this region. Sea blues, rich terracottas and earthy browns, leafy greens, sunny yellows and copper and gold metallics. You’ll want to maximize natural light to create an open, airy, airy interior space.

What is modern Mediterranean decoration?

Mediterranean hues cover the color wheel, but are inspired by nature. Based on warm, earthy tones like terracotta, ocher, burnt amber and brown, the look also includes hues that evoke the sea and sky: cerulean, blue, dark purple and seafoam green.

What colors are used in Mediterranean decoration?

The Difference Between Tuscan and Mediterranean Styles

While Tuscan styles are borrowed specifically from Italy, Mediterranean decor celebrates elements from other cultures, including Spanish, Moroccan and Greek.

What are the Mediterranean colors?

Rustic and farmhouse styles are similar, but where rustic is rougher and leans towards neutral tones, farmhouse favors whitewash and more refined natural elements. Some homeowners are interested in contemporary design, including clean lines, minimalist decor, and Spartan sensibilities.

What is the difference between Tuscany and the Mediterranean?

Key elements of Mediterranean style design
Emphasis on indoor and outdoor living.
Maximization of natural light and views to the outside.
Arched windows and doors and arched interior trim.
Exposed beams, natural stone walls and floors wood, tile or hardwood.
Airy and airy interior spaces.
Style less is more.


Start with a rich color palette.
Use artistic tiles in a Mediterranean kitchen.
Use natural materials.
Add a touch of wrought iron.
Use hardwood furniture.
Enhance the room with texture.
Avoid straight lines.
Add an arc .


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