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Simple Feature

Simple Feature

Blogs are a great way to improve your online presence, whether you’re doing it as a business, an individual, or a group. People frequently ask us what a blog should have. The most straightforward answer is, of course, great content. Write well and make it interesting. Without that, the rest of this post is mostly pointless. If you can’t write well or aren’t interesting, it won’t matter how much functionality you have.

Then, assume that you’ve covered the essentials. What are some of the most important things that a blog should have in order to be more useful? Please leave any other suggestions in the comments section. Here are nine essential things that your blog should have:

Be sure the RSS button is easy to find. This may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised at how many people don’t do it. Let users subscribe via email as well, and send them an email when a new post is published.

Use analytics. This is another “can’t miss” item, and it always surprises me how many people don’t do it. By adding Google Analytics, you can quickly learn more about how your blog is used. How many people come to your site every day? Where do they start? Who are they reading? For how long will they be there? Maybe this will encourage you to write more often about topics you find more interesting than others. Maybe the post you thought was terrible was read by more people than any other.

Show categories. By putting posts into categories and displaying them, you make it easy for readers to find articles that are related to their interests.

Make archives available. Let visitors search for entries by month or year, popularity, number of comments, or any other criteria that your audience may find useful.

Let people leave comments. Blogs are meant to be social, so they should encourage debate and let readers say what they want.

Add a bookmarking tool . Allow readers to easily share content on their social networking sites. There are other easy-to-use options out there, including popular ones like AddThis and ShareThis. Add a search feature. Everyone likes to look things up. Add a Blogroll. What is a Blogroll? By adding a section with links to other interesting or related blogs, you can help your readers find more useful information and support other bloggers.

Include visuals. “A blog is a dull lad if it’s all words and no pictures,” Jack Nicholson once said. If you follow these simple steps, both you and your readers will find your blog much more useful.

How do feature switches work?

Feature toggles, which are also called “feature flags,” are a way to turn on or off certain functions in an application. This happens most often when users get access to new features, but it can also be used to turn features off or provide a global on/off switch (for example).

System for Configuration in.NET Core

Since the beginning of.NET Core, the ASP.NET team has rewritten the configuration and options system to provide a good abstraction that can be used both inside and outside of ASP.NET Core. Microsoft takes care of the configuration. Extensions. Setting up a NuGet package This package answers the question “Where are my settings?” by giving a simple abstraction called IConfiguration.


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