Simple Stair Wall Decor

Simple Stair Wall Decor

Simple Stair Wall Decor


10 ideas for decorating closed stairs
Add light French-inspired wallpaper with large letters.
Display photos in a family tree frame.
Add an eclectic quartet of art to the staircase walls.
Trust an eclectic mirror to make you shine.
Decorate your rest with a similar suspension.
A Shag Runner is confident and bold.

What do you do with a space between the stairs and the walls?

In general, you can repair a gap between your stairs and the wall in two ways. Can: seal the gap. Add a topping.

What can I put on my staircase on the wall?

Add elegance with wall panels.
Cover the walls with coordinating framed artwork.
Stepped wall art to guide the downward direction of a staircase.
Get creative with a painted mural.
Inject personality with prints.
Keep it simple and practical.
Make a statement with wallpaper.
Hang a gallery wall of featured features.

How to hang objects on the wall with ladders?

How to hang pictures above a ladder safely? Use a ladder with a ladder extension. Ladder extensions hook onto the bottom of a folding ladder so you can balance yourself on 2 steps. Hang it from the bottom of your ladder to reach the wall safely and neatly.

What should I hang in my stairwell?

Many stairways have a wall of shelves facing you as you descend. Use this wall as a gallery. Hang a tapestry, large mirror, bold piece of art or wall sculpture to add interest to your staircase. Painting the drop wall a bold color adds excitement to the “bottom side” of the staircase.

How can I make my stairs more interesting?

Run wild with a runner. A classic way to improve the look of your staircase is with a runner, and choosing an eye-catching pattern can add a fun vibe.
Shows your favorite color.
Or add a rainbow of colors.
Add a creative handrail.
Add a new post.
Get creative with balusters.
Create a fantasy path with lighting.

How to decorate the wall of a staircase?

From staircase ideas that include structural elements like panels to simple tricks like hanging artwork, here are our favorites.
Create a thumbnail.
Make a screen.
Make stair walls look amazing.
Select a statement wallpaper.
Use panels for stair walls.
Multiplies the view.
Be bold with illustrations.

How do you decorate the space around the stairs?

clever ways to decorate the dead space under the stairs
Put a sofa inside. If your stair nook is in your living room, make the most of that space and add a sofa underneath.
Add a collection of plants.
Create a reading corner.
Add a home office.
Create an entertainment space.
Add a swing.
Press a bench.

How to make a gallery wall on the stairs?

To mimic a stair wall, lay a piece of string or tape on the floor at an angle of about 45 degrees to be your “center line” and place the artwork on that line. You can swap them as many times as needed until you are satisfied with the result.

How are the gallery walls placed on the stairs?

The key to an art gallery wall on the stairs is to incorporate texture and mixed media. Mix photos, paintings, framed and unframed artwork, etc. All the basic rules are the same. Start with paper, hang the work twice and hang it 60″ from the center of each stair and your stair should be ready to amaze.


Decorating this oft-neglected space will transform it into a sleek and stylish space, while making your hundreds of trips more scenic. And whatever your taste (modern, transitional or shabby-chic), you can always decorate to reflect that.


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