Some truck drivers are based

Some truck drivers are based

Some truck drivers are based

If you want to learn more about how to drive a truck, blogs written for and by truck drivers can be a great way to do so. There are a lot of blogs about driving trucks. Some are written by companies and have information about the trucking business, while others are written by drivers.

Blogs about the trucking business

This website tells people about some of the biggest trucking companies. This website has a lot of information about the changes and problems that affect trucking jobs, both for people who are already working in the field and for people who are just starting out. Check out the Truck Driver and Diesel Mechanic Jobs Blog to learn about the biggest employers in the truck driving industry, as well as about new laws and other recent events that affect driving careers. This blog is one thing that has to offer. The Jeffcoat Firm, a law firm in South Carolina that specialises in truck accidents, runs the Truck Accident Lawyer Blog. 

Blogs of truck drivers

Wayne and Cindy, a husband-and-wife truck driving team, write the Adventures in Trucking blog. This blog talks about what it’s like to get paid to drive all over the United States. The website focuses on the travel part of trucking and has photos and articles about the places the two get to go. Chris, a trucker from California who is in his twenties, writes the Life on the Road blog on Blogspot and travels around the 18 western states for two weeks. The blog has short stories about the publisher’s adventures as a trucker and beautiful pictures of many of the places he visits. Jean Catudal is a Canadian truck driver with a lot of experience behind the wheel. In his trucking blog, he talks about what it’s like to be a truck driver. There are parts of the blog that are written in French and parts that are written in English. James Binford, who works as a truck driver and lives in Seattle, Washington, wrote The Trucking Life. The blog’s tagline is “for truckers by a trucker,” and it has a lot of information for truckers and anyone else who wants to know more about life on the road.

Lyndon Lomanovskis is a truck driver from Alberta, Canada, and he writes a blog called “Trucking Life.” The blog has pictures of life on the road and posts about driving and the places the author goes. Dick Lower, who has worked as a truck driver for over 40 years, runs the blog World of the Truck Driver. The blog posts talk about a wide range of things related to truck driving, such as jobs, how to become a driver, and open positions.

How can truck drivers feel better about themselves?

To keep your mind sharp, it’s a good idea to do crossword puzzles and old-fashioned jigsaw puzzles. A lot of truckers also like to watch Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune. It’s good to keep the mind active and challenged every now and then. Try as hard as you can to improve your memory and get better at focusing and concentrating.


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