South West Kitchen

South West Kitchen

South West Kitchen


good tile for an east-facing kitchen is one that is green or brown. Choose yellow tile for your kitchen if you live in the Northeast. Brown, maroon or green tiles are suggested for a Southern or Southeast kitchen. In a western kitchen, a gray or yellow tile might work well.

What shouldn’t be in the southwest corner?

Direction of the refrigerator according to Vastu Shastra

The fire element in the kitchen helps to balance the energies. Refrigerators should never be placed facing northeast. The refrigerator should be placed in the southeast, west or north direction of the kitchen. The southwest should be avoided as it can cause problems.

What’s the South West Kitchen review?

The southwest-facing kitchen harms the marital relationship. The kitchen built in a northwesterly direction is never complete. The Northbound take-out house causes many kinds of fears in the mind. Son disobeys father, both get in trouble.

Is northeastern cuisine good according to vastu?

Diagonally opposite to the northeast is the southwest direction. This is the direction of the Pitras or ancestors. Therefore, cooking according to Vastu in the Southwest is strictly prohibited.

And if the kitchen is in the southwest?

Southwest Kitchen

One solution is to have a secondary kitchen in the southeast to help balance the flow of energy. However, this secondary kitchen must be used every day. Additionally, you can paint your kitchen yellow and place the gas stove in the southeast corner.

Can the kitchen be placed in the southwest?

Kitchens should not be located in the northeast and southwest,” says Dhamani.

What’s the cure for Southwestern cuisine?

The southeast direction of your house is where your kitchen should be located because according to the Vastu Shastra, Agni, the Lord of Fire, dominates this area. If you can’t do this for some reason, the direction in the vast direction of the northwest kitchen will work.

Can we face southwest while cooking?

Sinks and faucets indicate that water is flowing and therefore the best place for the sink according to vastu’s advice for the kitchen is in a northeast direction. In addition, the kitchen sink should not be placed near the stove, because water and fire are opposite elements and repel each other.

In which direction should the kitchen be?

You should not place any green plants in the southwest corner of your house. First of all, the plants never get enough sunlight in this place and according to the rules of Vastu, placing the plants in this direction is not a good omen. The family could face failure or lack of money due to the wrong location of the plants.

Can we put the kitchen sink to the southwest?

Section/extension, large opening/windows to the west is a vast dosh. Southwest entrance to the house or front door. Borehole or groundwater reservoir in the Southwest. Living room or hall to the southwest. In the southwest house, extensions in a southwest direction are considered wide dosh.


You can also put a red cloth and crystal crystal in the southwest corner. Helps to attract prosperity and positive energies in the house according to the principles of Vastu for the South-West corners.


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