study table in front of vastu

study table in front of vastu

study table in front of vastu


What is the best direction for the study table for science students?

Best address for study table according to Vastu. According to Vastu Shastra, the two proper directions of the study table in the bedroom/study room are north and east. This means that the study table should be held so that the student faces north or east when sitting down to study.

What is the best direction for the study table for art students?

Your study table, according to Vastu, should be in the west or south-west house. The second best location to place the study table is in the northeast direction of the house.

Which side should the study table face?

No, the south is not considered a good direction to study. According to Vastu, you must face north or east to study.

Can the study table face west?

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Can I face south during my studies?

Which job is better to study?

Where should I put my study table?

Should we study the windows in front of the table?

What- 3 According to Vastu, in which direction should the study table be?


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