T1 11 Interior Walls

T1 11 Interior Walls

T1 11 Interior Walls


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How thick is T1-11?

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Is it necessary to paint T1-11?

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What is the difference between T1-11 and plywood?

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Can the t111 be used without coating?

Structurally rated 7/16″ or thicker T-liner 3/8″ or thinner is not structurally rated and will require sheathing underneath.

How thick should the T1-11 liner be?

T1-11 style siding is made of rough textured panels and measures 8″ on center. Every 8″ there is a 1/2″ channel. This panel is made of radiata pine wood. Available in 4’x8” and 4’x9” sizes in 5/8” thickness.

Should the T1-11 coating be painted or stained?

Is it necessary to paint T1-11?

How can I prevent my T1-11 from rotting?

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How can I make my T1-11 siding look great?

painting A fresh coat of paint makes everything look better, and painting T1-11 is less hassle than painting many other types of siding. If it has never been painted, giving it a primer will save paint in the long run by sealing the grain and preventing the topcoat from penetrating.

How often should you paint T1-11 siding?

Many homes still have the original plywood siding intact, and if your home is one of those, the siding should be repainted every five to seven years to protect it from the elements. If the siding is rotten and in danger beyond repair, replacing it is the best option.


An exposed brick wall adds a lot of character to a space, but its dark color and rough texture can make small rooms feel cramped and uncomfortable.


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