Temple Ideas For Home In Usa

Temple Ideas For Home In Usa

Temple Ideas For Home In Usa


Legally, even if it’s your land and you donate money to build it. If the temple gains a lot of followers, the government will take it over. Hindu temples and places of worship, unlike Muslim and Christian temples, should generally be regulated by the government. Mosques and Church don’t have this thing.

What kind of temple is good for the house?

To answer which type of temple is good for the house, a temple made of sheesham wood, white marble or granite can be a good choice according to Vastu.

How can I make a small temple at home?

Let’s start by building the base of the Pooja Mandir. We will need a sheet of ¾ plywood. We need to cut three pieces of 18 by 48 plywood. Two pieces of plywood will be used for the base, and the third will be used as the base for the top or gopuram of the Pooja Mandir.

Where can I build a temple in my home?

The ideal direction of the mandir with us is the northeast. In such a case, try to ensure that you face north or east during the prayer. Always make sure the auction room is not under the stairs or next to the bathroom wall.

Which wall should be a temple?

The best location for the mandir in the house is northeast. If that doesn’t work for you, the north and east corners will too. West is also allowed, if nothing else works. However, avoid placing the pooja room in the south.

Which way should God look?

According to Vastu experts, God should be placed in the east or northeast direction of the house. The idols or deities must be kept at a certain height from the ground. The frame should be such that the face of God is to the west and the face of the worshiper to the east.

Should the house temple have a door?

Ideally, a separate pooja room should have doors to ensure your privacy while praying and to keep insects out of this sacred space. The door should be against the north or east wall of your mandir. You can also choose to get double doors.

Can a house hold up against a temple?

According to the vastu for the temple, the entrance to your house should never lead directly into the temple. – The shadow of the temple should never fall directly on your house. This is an important rule and should be kept in mind at all times when buying a house near a temple.

Can a house have two mandir?

Reproduction. Your home temple should not have two idols of the same God, no matter how slightly different they are from each other. If you still need to keep them, use one idol and the other as the image, but don’t use two similar idols.

Can I build a private temple?

The court clarified that without the prior authorization of civil and police authorities, a religious building cannot be built in a residential area.


If you are in possession of the temple property for any reason, building a structure on it would attract the attention of the relevant authorities and they may immediately send you a notice and tear it down. Therefore, it is better not to venture into such activities.


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