The respect is what makes this sport so beautiful.

The respect is what makes this sport so beautiful.

The respect is what makes this sport so beautiful.

While I’m in Canada, the World Cup is being played by some of the best football players in the world. You say, “Wait a minute, it’s the World Cup.” Wasn’t that the year before? When did Germany beat Brazil 7-1 in the semifinals and then go on to win the tournament? True. But that was only for men. The United States and Japan are getting ready to play in the women’s final as you read this. There have already been some amazing moments in the competition. Maren Mjelde scored for Norway against Germany with a flying, perfect free kick that went all the way to the back of the net and left the German goalie with no chance. Check out how quickly Josée Bélanger hit the ball past a small group of players who were closing in on her to get Canada into the quarterfinals.

Some of the reasons why it’s called the “”A lovely game.” Look at some of the clever plays that happen on the field or the exciting goals that a skinny player makes out of nothing to see why the saying is true. Even though I’ve never really liked the game, I still say this. and taking notice of it? I’ll only talk about a few of the best moments from the men’s or women’s World Cup. I’m done for now. But the word “beautiful” has always been interesting to me “when talking about football. Some people say it was said by Pelé, a famous Brazilian soccer player whose autobiography, My Life and the Beautiful Game, came out in 1977. You know what he meant by what he said. He was, after all, a good artist. He might have thought of the game as a beautiful tapestry, with Pelé in the middle painting a picture with his amazing strength and grace. Without a doubt, the most beautiful game.

Why do people play football?

The big difference between our skills and theirs is part of the answer. As you watch a quick attacker feint left and right as she runs down the field, defenders trying to keep up with her, the ball yo-yos off her foot as if it were on a string, and the goalkeeper is left confused. You gasp and say, “Damn, that was beautiful!” when you see that. Oh, that’s so much fun to watch, but I’ll never play like that!

The fact that football players can look like you and me, even if they are more athletic, is also a factor. They are neither tall nor big nor very athletic. On the other hand, people who wear helmets and look like bulldozers play American football, people with solid thighs play rugby, and men who can shoot passes like magicians and fly like meteors play basketball. Please don’t take my generalisations and assumptions as facts. Even in cricket, which seems to be a more refined sport, this is sometimes the case. When I stood next to an Indian great, I was surprised by how strong he was, even though he had big shoulders.


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