The Ukrainian military designed their own rifle, longer than a human. Snipex Alligators are absolute units.

The Ukrainian military designed their own rifle, longer than a human. Snipex Alligators are absolute units.

The Ukrainian military designed their own rifle, longer than a human. Snipex Alligators are absolute units.

On the front lines in Ukraine, one of the biggest and deadliest sniper rifles in the world is being used. When using the 14.5 millimetre heavy machine gun cartridge, the Snipex Alligator can attack with more than 12 tonnes of force and from up to 4 miles away. Ukrainian soldiers can use their rifles to kill enemy soldiers, light armoured vehicles, communication equipment, and even ammo and fuel dumps, which forces the Russian forces invading their country to leave.

During the Revolutionary War, sharpshooters from the colonies who had grown up hunting with rifles turned their sights on redcoats from the British Army. Until recently, most military sniper rifles were modified versions of hunting rifles like the Remington 700 or service rifles like the M1903 Springfield service rifle from World War I and II. Even though this was useful, it slowed down the development of ammunition and calibres, so sniper rifles could only use military and hunting calibres. In the 1980s, Tennessee resident Ronnie Barrett made the Barrett Model 82, which was the first sniper rifle to use a.50-caliber heavy machine gun bullet instead of a small arms or hunting round. The Model 82 changed the way people shot with great accuracy. The.308 and.30-06 military and hunting rounds were smaller and less powerful than the.50-caliber 12.7mm bullet.

The “Barrett,” as it came to be called, was quickly used by armies all over the world. It was so powerful that it created a whole new type of weapon: the “anti-material rifle.” Most of the time, this word is used to describe a weapon. Targets the size of an average person can be hit by weapons with a calibre of 50 or more. These weapons can also hit lightly armoured and unarmored vehicles, communications towers, radar arrays, ammunition and fuel depots, and both still and moving aircraft.  Barrett’s gun was strong, but the new Snipex Alligator anti-material rifle from the Ukraine is even stronger. The Alligator was made by Snipex to be a big, highly specialised weapon. When it’s all put together, the rifle is 6’6″ long, which is longer than the average sniper, and weighs 50 pounds. Each 14.5mm round is 2.2 ounces, while each.50 calibre round for the Model 82 is only 1.5 ounces.

The Alligator, like the Model 82, uses a different type of machine gun round. It uses the 14.5mm 114 round, which was first used in the Soviet-era KPV heavy machine gun. This round is bigger and stronger than the 14.5mm 108 round. The relative power of a round is often measured in foot pounds. says that a foot pound is the amount of work done by a one-pound force when the point where the force is applied moves one foot in the direction of the force.   It helps make the round a light anti-armor weapon because of how big and powerful it is. Snipex says that the Alligator can break through 10 mm of steel armour at a distance of 1,500 metres. This is enough for the sniper to shoot at soldiers inside a Russian BTR-80 wheeled armoured personnel carrier by breaking through the 9mm side armour.


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