there is white granite

there is white granite

there is white granite


Hair dyes, colored toiletries, paint and coloring pigments: the dyes contained in the chemicals, when spilled on the granite, seep into the pores of the granite and discolor the surface. It is important to note that this is normal and typical for all granite counter tops and granite islands in the kitchen.

Can we get white granite?

There are different types of white stone available across the world. But we have three of the cutest options out there. A wide range of well-worked white granites is present in our showroom. White granites are well known for their intricate natural designs and white pattern and require minimal maintenance.

Is white granite the same as marble?

Granite is harder and more stain resistant than marble, making it perfect for fireplaces, bars and kitchen counters. Marble is softer and more porous, so its best suited for a bathroom or around a hot tub. Finally, granite is often mottled with many different minerals, while marble is often veined.

What are the colors of white granite?

Please note that the colors of white granite are not necessarily pure white, but are often mixed colors in shades of gray or beige. In the case of Pitaya, the slab not only has light gray accents, but is also dotted with alluring black freckles.

Which granite is mostly white?

Siberian White Granite

Is one of the most popular white granite colors with beige undertones giving off a hint of blue/green. Mined from India, this stone is mostly white with black flecks and several waves of gray veining.

How much does white granite cost?

White granite countertops need to be sealed properly so they dont stain. They usually cost between $30 and $78 per square foot, but the price can reach $400 per square foot for high quality white granite.

Is white granite more expensive than black?

You will generally find beige and black granite slabs to be the cheapest, with white granite tending to be more expensive. However, black and white are the two most popular choices in granite colors.

Is white granite outdated?

While pure white granite kitchen countertops are always in style, there is a move towards veins and patterns. Stones with a natural character are more appealing to the contemporary eye than the white kitchen counters of yesteryear.

Is white granite more expensive than marble?

Carrera marble and white granite are two of the most popular countertop materials. Both are durable natural stones that create beautiful and elegant kitchen countertops. In terms of availability, marble is rarer than granite and therefore more expensive than its alternative.

Why is white granite more expensive?

White granite is generally more expensive than darker granite due to its rarity. However, all granite costs vary greatly, from


Over time, granite can lose its original shine if not properly cared for. Granite is a beautiful addition to your home, although it does require regular maintenance. A simple solution to prevent stains is to apply a non-toxic granite sealer.


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