They must feel so important Right now

They must feel so important Right now

They must feel so important Right now

This is a normal way to feel. Someone else might say it makes them “feel empty,” but you might say it in a different way. The most important thing is that it is real and allowed. Even though it’s scary, it’s not impossible to deal with.

Even though it might not be easy, figuring out what is making you feel empty is a good first step toward a solution. It might be empty for a few days before it goes away on its own. It can last up to two weeks at times. When this happens, it might help to know about cognitive distortions and talk to a mental health professional.

What’s wrong with me?

When you feel empty, you might feel alone, confused about your life and goals, or unmotivated to do anything. Everyone sometimes feels like their heart is empty. Changes in hormones, losing a job, or having to withdraw physically because of a pandemic could all be to blame for the experience. Any time or event in your life that makes you think about who you are and where you are in life could make you feel empty for a while. Feeling empty is not always a sign of a mental health problem like depression, bipolar disorder, or post-traumatic stress disorder, but it can be. The only person who can accurately figure out what’s wrong with you is a mental health professional.

But what happens if you feel empty all the time?

Being estranged from oneself

People often lose their sense of who they are at times. If you don’t know yourself well enough, you might not know why you feel empty all the time. This is what some people call “life without a purpose.” It means you don’t know who you are or who you want to be. If you don’t have any specific goals or dreams to work toward, you might feel empty. You can lose your bearings in many different ways. For example, a hard job or a relationship that takes up a lot of time.

Unresolved problems from the past

Your depression could be caused by a long process of grieving that you haven’t dealt with yet. For example, an unresolved memory from your childhood or the idea that your family has left you.

Failing to take care of oneself

Some people might put their own needs before the needs of others. People may put off taking care of themselves for a while because of this. This could make you feel worn out. You might think that making other people happy would make you happy.

Not enough important relationships

One of the longest studies of adult life, the Harvard Study of Adult Development, found that keeping strong relationships with other people is the most important thing in life.This means that it’s more important to have good relationships than to have a lot of them.

You can’t say enough about how important friendship, support, active listening, and emotional connection are. When these things are missing from your life, you might feel empty and alone.


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