This baby horse was stuck on a bridge until a guy come along and refused to leave him there

This baby horse was stuck on a bridge until a guy come along and refused to leave him there

This baby horse was stuck on a bridge until a guy come along and refused to leave him there

People have never thought of me as someone who can wait. I’ll say it’s because I’m a Capricorn, but when I decide to do something, I want it done right away. I bought Poet, a four-year-old OTTB with green eyes, last spring. Before writing a check, I might have had to remind myself that I was impatient, but all I could think about was how charming he was and how gracefully he trotted. To put it simply, he was always meant to be my mount. It’s a curse to be patient.

Ten months have passed. I have the Baby Horse Blues because my new horse is no longer new and exciting to me. He’s not a terrible kid (he really is). Not because riding him is boring (most days are great). It’s not that he isn’t getting better (things are slowly coming together). We’re just starting the long process of turning him into my show horse, and I’m so bored I could die. I’m not really interested in “enjoying the voyage” right now, to be honest. Please hear me out before you start typing mean things about how I’m not a real horse rider.

My horse before Simon was called “my heart,” and he was nothing but a trip. We went through three rings, two states, illnesses and injuries, wins and losses, high confidence and crippling fear all at the same time. I can’t say that the whole process went perfectly. There were times when I was very angry, and my short temper led to a lot of problems. On the other hand, every day I spent with him was a blessing, and I knew we would be together for a long time. Simon was the tour guide. I only wanted to be in his company, trust him, and work with him.

When my horse died of colic three months before I got Poet, it changed the way I thought about horses. 

I went horseback riding to find the best hunting prospect I could afford instead of looking for another Simon. If you want to do well in the show ring, find a horse that can do the job well. The goal was to do that.

That horse turned out to be a greenbroke four-year-old when shopping on a tight budget. I got Poet because I knew it would take a while to get where I wanted to go. I was proud of how far Simon and I had come together as I signed the check. I was still sad, but I knew that things would get better. But the trip seems to be taking a long time right now.

I’m no longer able to wait any longer. I miss riding horses that went in a straight line instead of turning into octopuses. Increases over 18: I miss knowing what will scare my horse, but not make him run away. I miss going to horse shows. I miss being able to steer consistently. I’m sick of having to wait and I want everything back.


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