wall stair lights

wall stair lights

wall stair lights


We recommend installing these 6-8 inches above every third stair step. The light will spread far enough and evenly illuminate the entire staircase. If you want to install the projectors at a lower height, you will probably need to install more projectors.

What lights to use for the stairs?

Stair lighting ideas
The first thing to consider when lighting a staircase should be to add in-wall recessed stair lights such as Sirolo, Cazalla or more Lucca 30. .
Here you can see the Lucca 30 miniature recessed wall lights that were used bathe the light on the tread.

How can I light up my stairs?

Linear dipped headlights. The revolutionary aspect of LED technology is the key to many new stair lighting techniques, such as linear step lights. .
Position lights. .
Illuminated handrails. .
Up-down lights. .
Backlight. .
Hidden Lights. .
Crossing lights. .
Light bollards.

How are the LED lights placed on the stairs?

When installing exposed step lights (without aluminum extrusions), the best approach is usually to glue the LED strip to the bottom of the stair overhang. The LED light will then shine downwards, creating a glowing effect while obscuring the light source.

How are the interior stairs lit?

Wall lighting

Recessed and mounted spotlights are popular staircase lighting options, usually installed 15-20cm above the steps. Not only do they look incredibly soft and subtle, but they provide appropriate low level lighting for your stairs and can also create stunning effects.

How many lights do you need on a staircase?

The International Residential Code (IRC R303.7) specifies a span footcandle measured at the center of steps and landings as the minimum for interior stairs. One foot candle (fc) equals one lumen per square foot (lm/sq²).

How to light a hallway with stairs?

A pendant on the ceiling is a good starting point. It will provide general backlighting for the foyer and illuminate the foot of the stairs, giving the space a focal point. A single large pendant will work in a spacious square-shaped hallway. Or try two smaller pendants if the space is long and narrow.

How to add lights to a dark staircase?

One way to amplify natural light is to invest in a large mirror. The reflective surface helps bounce light off surrounding walls, creating the illusion of a brighter hallway. Another way to brighten up a dark hallway is to get creative with paint.

How can I make my steps more visible?

Place high visibility tape around the edge of the first and last rung where they overlap the risers. Use screw-down strips to cover carpet and screw-down or self-adhesive strips on bare wood or masonry. Use a color that contrasts with the color of the stairs.

What is a low beam?

The step is a type of lighting solution for indoor use that allows you to create light paths through the installation of a series of projectors that will vary depending on the size of the space to be illuminated.


According to Vastu Shastra, a staircase should always be painted in light colors as they induce positive energy in the space, are soothing to the eyes and also do not overpower other social areas in your home. Some color options include pastel pink, yellow, light blue, light gray, off-white, green, and brown.


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