What are some free online education resources?

What are some free online education resources?

What are some free online education resources?

It might be hard to know where to start when you want to keep your child busy. There are a lot of websites that teach you things, which makes learning easy and fun.

Here are some of the teaching materials we recommend right now.

1. Alloprof

On the website Alloprof, many things can help young people remember what they’ve learned in school. The gateway has concept sheets, games, movies, and other tools to help your child put what they’ve learned into practice. Even now, many teachers still say it’s good. Alloprof Parents, on the other hand, gives parents the documents, files, and articles written and approved by education professionals that they need to help their children.

2. Lesson from Tele-Quebec:

Tele-Quebec en class is a collection of free content from the Ministry of Education’s educational program. The same Quebec channel makes it with the same name. This website has podcasts, games, articles, and short films about many different things. To sum it up, everything! Tele-Quebec classes give teachers a lot of content that can be adapted to the classroom and give students tools to help them learn.

3. Educatall

Since 2005, Éducatout has sent weekly materials to parents and other people involved in early childhood and special education. There are many themed games and stories, as well as chronicles and help from experts. On their website, you can also find a wide range of resources for special education and early childhood education. Who does it help? Early childhood educators, teachers of special education, and parents of young children with disabilities

4.Radio-Canada Youth is the fourth option.

Radio-Canada airs on Jeunesse and is appropriate for listeners of all ages. In the Kids Zone, your only options are coloring pages, crafts, and songs. The Youth Zone, on the other hand, has a blog about many different topics and a news section for teens called Maj.

5.From 5 to 10

Since 1999, games for kids ages 0 to 10 have been on the website ten. Because the site is easy to use, kids can find their way around independently. Under “collection of educational games,” you can find games that help teach young children. It is a great way to get young kids started with computers. Getting a tutor can help you remember what you’ve learned. Our tutoring service is a good way to learn online because it is available online. Fill out our form immediately if you think a guardian would be good for your child.

6.The mouse on the web

The web mouse lists websites, online activities, and educational games you can search through. It’s easier to find resources by category and grade level with the help of maritime symbols.

7.The things that Alopof made.

The main goal of the Quebec nonprofit Alloprof is to help elementary and high school students with their homework for free. His website has three great things: a virtual library, activities, and short video clips. They have also made revision guides for each level of school in Quebec to help the people there.

8.Education Center:

The best way to find free online resources for a certain subject is to go to Carrefour Education, which is based in Quebec and has a huge database of teacher-approved websites. Their search engine lets you choose different things, like the type of resource or the academic level. A brief resource description, appropriate grade levels, and QEP components are included on each sheet.


The Groupe Media TFO website, run by Franco-Ontarians, has a lot of educational materials for French speakers. French teachers love their resources, which include movies, games, and pre-made assignments on Idéllo.


IXL’s Canadian website is a great place to work on math and English because it has many online programs. Even though the platform is only available in English, this is a great way to improve your math skills and learn a new language simultaneously.

11.The Khan Foundation

Did you know you can now read a part of the Khan Academy website in French? This website has math, physics, and computer science classes with videos. For each theme, there are exercises and tests that you can do.

12.YouTube Kids:

YouTube Kids is like YouTube’s little brother, and it lets your child search for content that is appropriate for them. You have a few options for how to set up certain parental control, and Google’s YouTube Kids Guide for Parents is a good place to learn more about this topic.


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